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Use Photoshop to Create LUTs Via Unlimited Filters App

Picture Instrument's Unlimited Filters, available for $75, allows users to create looks in Adobe Photoshop and then apply the LUTs in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Writes, "So not only can you make cross-NLE colour correction tools which would be good for collaborative work, you can make some very radical grades which would be hard to achieve without stacking up Color Board instances." Read the full story here.

03/27/14 02:03:38 PM

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The Room Posts Unconventional Love Story 'Her'

Postproduction on director Spike Jonze’s Her was completed at The Room, the specialty postproduction studio located within Technicolor–PostWorks New York. Digital intermediate colorist Jack Lewars performed final grading in collaboration with Jonze.

03/25/14 11:03:20 AM

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The Ultimate Stress Test for Mac Pro and FCP X Pushes Them to Their Limits

Alex Gollner and Peter Wiggins have undertaken an interesting experiment for trying out a stress test for Apple Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X that attempts to discover the limits of the combination. They write, "The brief was simple, push the new Mac Pro and FCPX to the limit. Never mind 4k or 8K, we went large on everything until things broke. Alex Gollner and Peter Wiggins perform the ultimate stress test." Read the full story here.  

03/21/14 09:03:42 AM

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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscribers Climb to 1.8 Million

A new report from Adobe shows that its Creative Cloud subscription service has climbed up to 1.8 million by adding another 400,00 subscribers in the last quarter. Writes Philip Hodgetts, "I’d say that Creative Cloud has been a success for Adobe despite some people’s initial concerns with the subscription model. You can’t beat that regular $60 million + a month (with some allowance for single app subscribers, discounts, and others not paying full price)." Read the full story here.

03/21/14 08:03:16 AM

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Editor Alan Edward Bell on Editing 'Catching Fire' with Avid Media Composer

In a video interview on Avid's site, editor Alan Edward Bell explains how he used Media Composer to edit The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Besides his workflow, Bell also discusses his close collaboration with director Francis Lawrence, the importance of self training as an editor, and the Media Composer plug-ins that helped him expand his creative palette. Sign up here to get free access to the interview.

03/20/14 04:03:43 PM

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Using Timelines in Final Cut Pro X

In the below video, Richard Taylor shows how to use both project timelines and compound clip timelines within Final Cut Pro X 10.1, and some of the advantages of each. Watch below.

03/18/14 02:03:08 PM

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Spotlight: Affonso Gonçalves, Editor, 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

Editor Affonso Gonçalves (Beasts of the Southern Wild) admits he was “a little starstruck” when he first sat down to work with director Jim Jarmusch (Down by Law) on Only Lovers Left Alive. The film—concerning the fragile and sensitive vampires Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton)—is a sardonic, deadpan take on the genre. For those familiar with Jarmusch’s work, it will be no surprise that the film has a very different feel from the standard vampire story.  

03/17/14 04:03:02 PM

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An Explanation of Three-Point and Four-Point Editing

Sareesh Sudhakaran of wolfcrow explains what three-point and four-point editing are, and how you can use their principles to to create a faster and more efficient workflow. He writes, "Three-point editing and four-point editing helps an editor weed out the bad bits in an efficient and fast manner, like a factory assembly line. The name of the game is efficiency. I edited an entire movie without knowing either; and wasted a lot of time going back and forth, covering the same ground over and over again." Read the full story here.

03/17/14 03:03:28 PM

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Red Bullet Announces Free Plug-In Community, 'Universe'

Red Giant has released a new model for its plug-ins called Universe. Membership is free and members get access to a few free tools as well as the opportunity to weigh in on what tools become available through it going forward. There will also be a subscription-based model for premium tools for members who pay $10/month. Read the full story here on Fstoppers.

03/17/14 02:03:24 PM

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Review of Apple's Most Affordable Mac Pro

Macworld reviews the cheapest version of the new Apple Mac Pro, the $2999 single quad-core running at 3.7GHz. They write, "For pros that use apps that take advantage of multiple processing cores, the Mac Pro is a time-saver, but is probably overkill for everyday tasks. The $2999 Mac Pro is a real step up from its predecessor. " Read the full review here.

03/17/14 01:03:46 PM