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Color Grading in Real-Time 4K with the Apple Mac Pro

In the below video, colorist Dado Valentic demonstrates real-time 4K color grading using the Apple Mac Pro and Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve. Writes Televisual, "In the video below, Valentic first demonstrates the speed of HD playback from within Resolve, using footage shot on the Sony F65, Sony F55, Red Epic, Red Epic Dragon and Arri Alexa. He then starts adding blur effects nodes to the footage (one of the most challenging nodes for a grading system to apply in real-time) to test how many the system could cope with while still maintaining real-time playback." Watch below and read more here.

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Building the Ultimate Mac Pro + Final Cut Pro X System

MacBreak Studio set out to build the ultimate, money's-no-object edit station using the new Mac Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Check out their $15K set-up below. (via

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A Review of the Pegasus2 R6, the Only Thunderbolt 2-Enabled Drive on the Market

Macworld reviews Promise Technology's Pegasus2 R6 drive. They write, "If you need storage with the fastest available throughput for your Mac Pro workflow, there’s only one game in town. While others will, no doubt, follow soon, the Pegasus2 is the only Thunderbolt 2 enabled drive available for purchase today. It offers six drive bays, dual Thunderbolt 2 ports and can be configured in many RAID varieties, and tops out at around 1100 MBps. " Read the full story here.

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An In-depth Tutorial for Adobe Speedgrade CC

In the below video, David Andrabe provides an in-depth tutorial to color correcting with Adobe Speedgrade CC. The tutorial goes over everything from setting up to creating masks, creating looks, rendering out and more. Watch below. (via NoFilmSchool)

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Color Grading Video in Adobe Photoshop

Jaron Schneider of Fstoppers provides a tutorial for color grading video from within Adobe Photoshop. He writes, "This is indeed a short tutorial on color grading video in Photoshop. Unconventional? Yes, but it is effective. Not too long ago I was having a conversation with the other Fstoppers writers when the conversation of quickly color correcting video footage came up. Without the hassle of Premiere, Speed Grade or any other grading software, was there a simple way to make adjustments that were easy and intuitive? I believe the answer is Photoshop." Watch below and read the full story here.

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Editor Chris Rouse on Cutting a Crucial Scene in 'Captain Phillips'

Oscar-nominated Captain Phillips editor Chris Rouse talks to Indiewire about cutting together a pivotal attack scene in the film.

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The Apple Mac Pro from a Pro's Perspective

Dave Girard of Ars Technica provides one of the most in-depth reviews of the Apple Mac Pro to date, looking at it from the POV of a "pro with serious workstation needs." He writes, "At first glance, the new Mac Pro seems like a finger in the eye for demanding creative professionals. But after actually using the system, I am convinced that this is a very successful workstation design that can be a great template for future versions. As novel as the tube design is on the surface, it is simply a solution to a design problem for workstations. How do you keep a high-performance machine with two powerful compute GPUs cool? You make it small, you make it a wind tunnel, you put all the devices along the walls of a giant heatsink, and you make the case metal to assist with cooling. James Dyson couldn't have done it better."

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Watch Steve Jobs' First Public Showing of the Macintosh Computer has a rare, wonderful video features Steve Jobs in 1984 presenting the Apple Macintosh computer for the first time to the public at a meeting of the Boston Computer Society (BCS). Says Dan Bricklin, co-founder of Software Arts and the man responsible for taping the BCS meeting, "This one was Steve really selling. This is the Steve that we’ve now known for many years announcing other products. This is that Steve, giving the talk he’s given so many times that he knows it cold. It really makes a difference. You get to see Steve when Steve became the Steve Jobs. Seeing him smiling up there is the way a lot of us would like to remember him.” Watch below and read the whole, fascinating history here.

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A Short History on Film Editing

In the below video, John P. Hess of FilmmakerIQ goes over the birth of cinema and how the basic tenets of film editing and continuity came to be. It's like a nicely compressed film school lecture (15 minutes), available for free. Watch below.

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Using Adobe After Effects on Titles for 'Revolution'

In the below Sundance session from Adobe, president of Andrew Kramer explains how he used After Effects to create titles and visual effects for NBC's Revolution. Watch below.

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