Z Space: 3D You Can Touch and Manipulate

Infinite Z has developed a new display called Z Space which tracks a user's eye and movements to let them interact with 3D like never before. Explains Technology Review, "Unlike the 3D video seen in a movie theater or on a 3D TV, you can move your head around an object—to look it from the side or from below, for instance—and the Z Space display will adapt and show you the correct perspective... The technique, which the company calls “'irtual Holographic 3-D,' also lets you manipulate virtual objects as if they really were floating just inches in front of you. A special stylus connected to the display also contains sensors that allow its movement to be tracked in three dimensions. You can use the stylus to 'grab' parts of the virtual image in front of you and move them around in 3-D space."

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