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Why High Frame Rate Matters to Movies

Celluloid Junkie's James Gardiner opines on why high frame rate is an important development for cinemas and why The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey didn't necessarily showcase it in its best light. He writes, "The first thing to understand about HFR is its major importance to exhibition. As has been demonstrated by the moves to sound, color, widescreen, digital audio and stereoscopic 3D, exhibition is always looking for a point of difference. Most importantly, one that can only be seen in cinemas. HFR is suited to fill this need for several reasons." Read the full story here.

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Get a Preview of the Panasonic 4K 35mm VariCam to be Shown at NAB Show 2014

Panasonic will be showing off its 35mm 4K Varicam at NAB Show this year. The camera will have a 35mm MOS sensor, PL mount, and a detachable recorder. It will be capable of recording in 4K, 2K and HD. The camera is expected to begin shipping this fall. Read more about the early information on the camera here on Film and Digital Times.    

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Speak and Be Heard at Next|VIDEO: Call for Proposals

We are in search of cutting edge, thought-provoking presentations for Next|VIDEO Conference + Expo, taking place Oct 1st-3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center. Next|Video will significantly expand the coverage of video streaming, distribution and enterprise-level creation and acquisition. With an expanded show floor featuring new content pavilions, Next|Video will also feature a new multi-day, multi-track conference, offering the latest in available technology, best practice usage, tools and techniques. Program Content we are looking for include:

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Little-Known Facts About Roger Deakins

In a lovely and unusual profile piece, Vanity Fair gathers together little-known facts about venerable cinematographer Roger Deakins. For example, the tidbit that he has been the subject of some Coen Brothers pranks in the course of working with them for over 20 years. For example, "The pair once decreed on a day’s call sheet that everyone come to the set dressed in the Deakins uniform—the jeans, white shirt, and boots. Roger, deep in his work, failed to notice until day’s end that the entire crew matched him." Read the full story here.  

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Shane Hurlbut Breaks Down the Cameras Used in 'Need for Speed' Trailer

Here's an educational movie trailer probably unlike any you've ever seen. Need for Speed DP Shane Hurlbut has broken down which cameras and lenses were used for each shot seen in the 30-second trailer found below. Cameras used include the ARRI Alexa Plus, Canon C500, Canon 1DC, and GoPro HERO3. Check it out below. (via Hurlbut Visuals)

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'Drive' DP Newton Thomas Sigel on Respecting Digital Cinematography as Its Own Medium

David Heuring talks to Drive cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel about his refreshing take on digital cinematography--specifically when it comes to treating it and respecting it as its own medium. Says Sigel, "I remember going to Kodak many years ago. They brought a bunch of us out to Rochester, and we were looking at new camera stocks and print stocks and all that. And of course, invariably, the film vs. digital conversation came up. The whole discussion seemed to be oriented towards ‘How do we get video to look as good as film?’ And I remember saying — and getting a lot of quizzical looks for it — ‘Why would we want it to look just like film? Because we already have film, and if you want it to look just like film, you can just shoot film. So shouldn’t we endeavor for it to look like something beyond contemporary film?’

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See Famous Films Compressed to a Single Canvas

MovieDNA is a Kickstarter Project which seeks to create canvases out of your favorite films, by taking every frame and compressing it into one abstract art piece. The result is a thumbnail view of a film's signature color palette. They explain, "Using movies from our own personal 2000 strong DVD and Blu-ray collection, we first extract the individual frames. After this we use a process which takes those frames and compresses them into smaller chunks which gives an overall picture of the colors and shadows used within that frame. After we have that, we place them all together in chronological order and the results are what you see."

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Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram Solidifies His Reputation as a Master Image-Maker

Only recently unearthed as belonging to him, Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram account is filled with the sort of beautiful, revealing imagery we've come to expect from the Oscar-nominated cinematographer of Gravity and Tree of Life. Slate's James Hughes calls it "one of the most intimately curated and visually arresting galleries currently in circulation on the social network—a collection of unidentified images by the greatest cinematographer in the game hiding in plain sight." Read more here.    

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Free Sony F5 and Sony F55 Master Class, March 5, NY

Sony is running a free DIT and Camera Operator Master Class in New York City on Wednesday, March 6th from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Instructor Dhaendra Patel, head of Engineering and Training at Sony Digital Motion Picture Center, will go over the technical aspects of the Sony F5 and F55. Topics covered will include camera operations, dynamic range, sensitivity, 3D LUTs, frame image scan, data rate and more. Read more here.  

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An Examination of the Classic Films That Influenced Wes Anderson

Way Too Indie examines the influences that went into creating the singular aesthetic of Wes Anderson. They write, "In the same way a Spike Lee Joint or a Martin Scorsese Picture have their own distinctions, so also is a Wes Anderson film (more properly known as an American Empirical Picture) easy to spot. But the twist is, for all his towering success as an American auteur, the look and feeling behind each Anderson film finds its influences more rooted in foreign cinema." Watch some comparisons below and read more here.