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HDR TV Gets Buzz at NAB Show

Though 4K TVs were prevalent at NAB Show this year, it was the concept of high dynamic range (HDR) televisions that got people excited. One reason is that the average layman can clearly see the difference between HDTV and HDR TV--more so than with 4K alone. Richard Welsh, CEO if Sundog Media Toolkit, explains to Variety's David S. Cohen,...

04/10/14 02:04:54 PM

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Duclos Lenses Provides Canon Prime Lenses with a PL Mount

Duclos Lenses has created a conversion process that will allow for Canon EOS CN-E prime lenses to be used with any PL mount camera. They explain on their blog, "While the Canon CN-E primes were an excellent choice for shooters using a Canon EF body, these lenses are able to reach their full potential on a wide range of professional PL mount...

04/09/14 10:04:26 AM

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RED Debuts Redlink Development Kit to Remotely Control Cameras

At NAB Show, RED has debuted its new Redlink Development Kit, a wireless box that attaches to RED cameras and makes them controllable remotely. Megan Geuss of Ars Technica explains, "Using the Development Kit, filmmakers can build their own apps to remotely control features 'including Record Start/Stop, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO,...

04/08/14 02:04:52 PM

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Emmanuel Lubezki Plans to Explore High Dynamic Range for All Future Projects

Emmanuel Lubezki, the Oscar-winning DP of Gravity, has stated that he would like to explore high dynamic range cinematography for all of his future projects. He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I think every cinematographer will have an interest in high dynamic range, because it’s the way that we want to capture images, so later we can do...

04/08/14 11:04:20 AM

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A Snapshot of the Current Digital Camera Industry

David Leitner of Filmmaker Magazine writes his annual NAB Show digital camera roundup, focusing on the current state of the industry as it stands going into the show. He writes, "What do these splashy product introductions mean? Do we need to trade up our cameras? How soon? Are more resolution, bit depth, frame rates, color space even...

04/08/14 11:04:18 AM

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Blackmagic Aims New URSA Cameras at Pro Market

Blackmagic Design is introducing four versions of its new 4K URSA cameras at NAB Show, aiming them at professional broadcasters.

04/08/14 10:04:16 AM

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See Footage Shot with the New Sony A7S

Sony has released some footage shot with its newly announced a7S camera. Writes Jon Fauer of Film & Digital Times, "Like its siblings, the α7s is a mirrorless camera with a 24x36mm CMOS sensor and E-mount (18mm flange focal depth.) But there are big differences. This camera’s 12.2 megapixel sensor has a sensitivity up to...

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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Shows Solid 3D Returns

The healthy box office returns for 3D showings of Captain America: The Winter's Soldier are a good sign for the format. Writes TheWrap's Brent Lang, "Its record-breaking opening wasn't enough to bring 3D back to its Avatar and Gravity-level highs, but the results do point to a new normal for comic book and special effects films...

04/07/14 05:04:06 PM

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An In-Depth Look at Wes Anderson's Style

Professor of Film Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison David Bordwell takes an in-depth look at the framing and composition that make Wes Anderson's style unique to him. He says of what he calls a planimetric style, "The key idea is that the people and the setting aren’t observed from an oblique angle; if the background is...

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HFR and Second Screen discussed at NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema

Panelists at NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema discussed the future of movie theaters with technology ranging from high frame rate, to IMAX, to second screen. Howard Lukk, VP of production technology at Walt Disney Studios. said, "We’re playing around with everything. We are asking if it will push the story. That is the...

04/06/14 07:04:51 PM