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Disney to Show Off Short Film at NAB Show Made with Innovative Trifocal Camera System

Disney will be showing off an unfinished short film called "Make Believe" at NAB Show, that was captured with the innovative new trifocal camera system developed by Fraunhofer and ARRI. Howard Lukk, Disney's VP of production technology and the film's director, told The Hollywood Reporter, "I see this system as a baby step...

04/03/14 11:04:39 AM

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Inside the Covert Tactics of Shooting 'Under the Skin'

Indiewire talks to Under the Skin cinematographer Daniel Landin about how he shot the covert film, which involved a proprietary camera developed just for the shoot. Says Landin, "Preceding the shoot, we explored the possibility of using very small cameras. What was available to us was either not small enough or not good quality enough. As a...

04/02/14 05:04:06 PM

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Comparing Canon's Cinema EOS Cameras

Pete Bauer of DV Info compares and contrasts the cameras in Canon's Cinema EOS line-up. He writes, "Last autumn and winter I had the opportunity to shoot with both the Canon C100 and 300 cameras. Not surprisingly, I now want to join the ranks of Cinema EOS owners. So which model should I buy? It turned out that the decision wasn’t...

04/02/14 03:04:20 PM

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What Is Sensor Color Balance?

Cinematographer Art Adams explains what native color balance in digital cameras really means.

04/02/14 02:04:39 PM

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Frameless Filming: The Challenges of Creating a 360-Degree Movie

Boston Productions' Mike Sullivan writes an essay on CreativeCOW detailing what it was like to create a 360-degree film for the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI. He writes, "If the audience can look anywhere, how do we force them to see what we want them to see? Can an audience follow a narrative this way? How do you tell a story visually...

04/02/14 01:04:14 PM

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Watch a Supercut Celebrating the Best of Today's Cinematographers

Erick Lee's "Ode to (21st Century) Cinematographers" is a supercut featuring the work of some of the past decade's most respected directors of photography, including Christopher Doyle, John Toll, Wally Pfister, Roger Deakins, Anthony Dod Mantle, Emmanuel Lubezki, Bruno Delbonnel, Claudio Miranda, Janusz Kaminski, Matthew...

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An Explanation of Dolby Vision

Dolby explains their new technology, Dolby Vision, and how it will improve brightness, contrast and color on television sets. They write on their blog, "Dolby Vision on your TV will mean images that are brighter, with better contrast and richer colors. The technology produces more vibrant, true-to-life images that are more like looking out a...

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ARRI Rumored To Be Developing 6K Camera

Gearing up for competition with the likes of RED's Dragon and the Kinefinity KineRAW, ARRI is rumored to be developing a 6K camera of its own Writes Joe Marine of NoFilmSchool, "While the 6K market may start to get crowded over the next few years, what’s so special about that resolution? As an acquisition format, 6K gives you all...

03/31/14 03:03:29 PM

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'Transcendence' Releases Two Viral Videos

Ahead of its April 17th release, Wally Pfister's sci-fi film Transcendence has released two shaky viral videos about the work of R.I.F.T., the fictional anti-tech group at the heart of the movie. Watch them below.

03/31/14 01:03:49 PM

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Get Insight into the Work of Cinematographer Christopher Doyle with Hourlong Documentary

The hourlong documentary "In the Mood for Doyle" examines the singular work of Australian-born, Hong Kong-based cinematographer Christopher Doyle, well-known for his work with Wong Kar Wai (In the Mood for Love).

03/28/14 03:03:14 PM