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Watch NAB Show Session: 'Original Programming in the World of Online Video'

In a NAB Show Session, "Original Programming in the World of Online Video," industry experts discussed when original content makes the most sense for businesses; what kind of programming best meets different goals; creating an effective marketing and distribution plan for original online video, and attracting and leveraging talent. Watch it below.

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New App Turns Web Videos Into Touchable Interactive Experiences

New app Cinematique--designed by Randy Ross and Kyle Heller--makes web videos into touch-enabled interactive experiences. Explains Wired, "Cinematique is a little like a pop-up video without the pop-ups. It’s purpose is to deliver added information about the content you’re watching—whether that’s pricing info on a scarf you saw or the history of a video’s scenery—through a touch-enabled interface...Cinematique streamlines our desire to multi-task, keeping that action in one screen instead of spread out over multiple tabs and windows. From an engagement standpoint, this is invaluable to both advertisers and the video makers themselves." Read the full story here.

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The Late Night Battle Continues on Multiple Screens

With the announcement that Stephen Colbert will be taking on hosting duties on The Late Show next year, The New York Times' Nick Bilton takes a look at how much Internet viewing has impacted the late night landscape in recent years. He writes, "Late-night television, once a competition confined to a television and a set time, has become a battle for views on YouTube and other online video services. And Mr. Colbert’s competitors seem to completely understand this. According to a report by Pew Research last year, 78 percent of online adults watched or downloaded videos on the web in 2013. The number of people who uploaded or posted videos online also doubled from 14 percent in 2009 to 31 percent of online adults in 2013, the report also said."

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MTV Partners with Social Influencers for MTV Movie Awards

MTV partnered with several social media influencers for last night's MTV Movie Awards, resulting in tons of real-time GIFs,Twitter trending topics and further credibility with its target demographic. Tom Fishman, MTV's VP of Content Marketing and Fan Engagement, told Lost Remote, "We’re always striving to evolve our relationships with great platform partners like Tumblr, and with up and coming influential artists and creative. With the War Room, we loved the idea of literally closing the distance between those creatives, Tumblr and MTV. We’re aiming for a deeper relationship with them than just paying them for GIFs.” Read the full story here.

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VH1's Social and Digital Success

VH1's aggressive pursuit of social engagement has been paying off in dividends. Explains Lost Remote, "In 2013, VH1 enjoyed triple-digit year-over-year follower growth on Facebook and Twitter, becoming the third-most social non-cable sports network. The executives attributed part of their success to VH1’s willingness to experiment, take advantage of what’s trending, and employ a 24/7, 365 approach to social programming around shows. The network focuses not only on building buzz for upcoming episodes, but also on leveraging its digital assets – including and the VH1 app – to host exclusive content and keep fans of shows engaged throughout the rest of the week and the year." Read the full story here.

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'Emma Approved' Creator Bernie Su on Monetizing and Streamlining Transmedia

Transmedia wunderkind Bernie Su--who first achieved large-scale success with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and now returns with Emma Approved--talks to Motherboard about his hard-earned lessons on how to attract viewers, stay interactive, and monetize the content. He says of what he learned on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, "If you have your top creative people creating content for a third of your audience, is it worth it? Especially if you can’t monetize it…is that the best use of your writer’s time?” Instead, he says that Emma Approved was designed, "to solve this problem of spending all this creative energy on interactive content."

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New Study Points to Correlation Between YouTube Views and TV Ratings

A new study from parent company Google found a positive correlation between YouTube views for videos related to television programs and those programs' traditional TV ratings. Angie Barrick, head of industry for media and entertainment at Google, tells Variety, "We’ve seen massive growth in research people do before they decide to tune in to a TV show. The advertisers have to really compete for the mind-share of viewers.” Read the full story here.

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Danfung Dennis Talks Challenges of Making a Virtual Reality Movie

Danfung Dennis talks to Digital Arts about the challenges of making a virtual reality film, which he did with his documentary Zero Point, created for the Oculus Rift headgear. He explains, "We've been working on this for a couple of years already so our earlier camera systems were only 180 degrees. We wanted to get first the 180 feeling right, and then we moved to stereo and then to 360, and we still have to figure out the tops and bottoms and filling in. As we've been filming our camera systems have been getting better and better, and will continue to get better and we'll have coverage of the entire 360 degree scene." Read the full story here.

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Social Media Doesn't Drive TV Tune-In as Heavily as Expected

Despite all the hype surrounding the relationship between social media and TV, a new sobering survey from Nielsen shows that only a small percentage of TV viewers are actually posting about the shows they're watching. Writes The New York Times, "Only 16.1 percent of the survey respondents said they had used social media while watching TV during prime time. And less than half of the people using social media were actually discussing the show they were watching." Read the full story here.

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Research: One-Fifth Use Social Media for TV

NEW YORK—Nineteen percent of online Americans ages 15-54 say they are reached by social media at least once a day regarding primetime TV, according to a Council for Research Excellence study. For example, someone who saw something or posted something about a primetime TV show on Facebook or Twitter would fall within this category. Sixteen percent of primetime TV viewing occasions involve some interaction with social media. During nearly half of these occasions (7.3 percent of primetime TV viewing instances), the viewer is engaging with social media specifically about the show being viewed. These viewing occasions constitute the study’s definition of “socially connected viewing”—occasions when people engage in social media about a TV show while watching that show. Socially connected TV viewing is most evident with new TV shows, which indexed at 142, and sports programming, which indexed at 129.

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