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Social Media Doesn't Drive TV Tune-In as Heavily as Expected

Despite all the hype surrounding the relationship between social media and TV, a new sobering survey from Nielsen shows that only a small percentage of TV viewers are actually posting about the shows they're watching. Writes The New York Times, "Only 16.1 percent of the survey respondents said they had used social media while watching TV during prime time. And less than half of the people using social media were actually discussing the show they were watching." Read the full story here.

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Research: One-Fifth Use Social Media for TV

NEW YORK—Nineteen percent of online Americans ages 15-54 say they are reached by social media at least once a day regarding primetime TV, according to a Council for Research Excellence study. For example, someone who saw something or posted something about a primetime TV show on Facebook or Twitter would fall within this category. Sixteen percent of primetime TV viewing occasions involve some interaction with social media. During nearly half of these occasions (7.3 percent of primetime TV viewing instances), the viewer is engaging with social media specifically about the show being viewed. These viewing occasions constitute the study’s definition of “socially connected viewing”—occasions when people engage in social media about a TV show while watching that show. Socially connected TV viewing is most evident with new TV shows, which indexed at 142, and sports programming, which indexed at 129.

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CNN Launches CNN Digital Studios With Younger-Skewing Programming

In an attempt to reach a younger, more social media savvy audience, CNN is launching CNN Digital Studios. It will launch with a slate of new programming, including, as VideoInk reports:

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Grass Valley Shows IP Gateways

At NAB Show, Grass Valley launched its IRG-3401 IP Gateway module, a high-density, bi-directional DVB-ASI/IP gateway card that runs on the company's Densité modular platform. It provides a transport stream of up to 12 MPEG per card, facilitating an efficient bridge between ASI and IP for multiple workflow applications within broadcast and multichannel service provider facilities.

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Appear TV Shows Dense Transcoding Module for XC Series Platform

Appear TV, a provider of advanced headends for broadcast and IP television (based in Oslo, Norway), unveiled a new module for its XC Series Platform that offers increased channel density for all screen transcodes. The new High-Channel Density, MultiFormat SD/HD and Multiscreen Universal Transcoder module provides users with support for more multi-profile multiformat channels than previously possible in a hardware solution.

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ProView 8000 Series from Harmonic Optimize Video Delivery Over IP Networks

Harmonic announced the ProView 8000 family of multiformat integrated receiver-decoders (IRDs) that optimize primary distribution of video content over satellite or IP delivery networks. The company said that with its advanced feature set and compact design, the ProView 8000 IRD family simplifies the migration to an IP infrastructure and launch of value-added services. Harnessing Harmonic's high quality video and low latency technologies, the ProView 8100 ensures timely distribution of video at resolutions up to 1080p50/60.

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Quantel Submits Proposal to Join Task Force for System Interoperability Over IP

At the NAB Show, Quantel said that with the move to IP infrastructures the media industry is facing the biggest transition since it went digital 30 years ago. The replacement of SDI infrastructure with IP offers content creators greater flexibility, lower capital and running costs, and the ability to do new things. The company said that there's no argument that IP in production "is going to transform our industry." There is however much discussion about how IP technology is best employed for Production.

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At NAB, Vendors Show Way to an All-IP Future

At this year's NAB Show, the notion of a future without the now ubiquitous serial digital interface (SDI) protocol system for video production and delivery architectures was a major part of the messaging from numerous established broadcast equipment vendors. Indeed, they said video delivery infrastructures in the near future likely would be based on Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, due to the inherent benefits of format-agnostic, bi-directional signals flowing over affordable Cat-5/6 cabling with Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connectivity. For the most part, IT-centric, software-defined architectures were billed as the path to such an all-IP future, even if, in fact, it could be years before this all-IP world becomes reality.

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Virtually Explore a Vibrant French City with Google Night Walk

Google Night Walk is an interactive website that allows users to virtually stroll through the streets of the vibrant and artsy city of Marseille, France. The site uses Google Maps technology, along with photos, videos and narration to create a visceral experience. Check it out here.    

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Vizrt and Telescope Partner Up for Social TV Visualization

Vizrt and Telescope Inc. have partnered up for a social TV visualization solution that launched during American Idol, where moderated Facebook posts have been incorporated into the live broadcasts. Says Jason George, CEO of Telescope, "The partnership will also unlock the capability for clients to curate profile information and user-generated content from a range of social networks.“As broadcasters, event producers, and content creators increasingly look for ways to drive audience engagement and keep their viewers participating in real time, there is an increasing need to reflect audience interactivity back into the core content on the primary screen – providing audiences at home their “15 minutes of fame. Our partnership with Vizrt will allow us to offer a global, end-to-end solution that will meet customers’ needs in this rapidly-evolving space.”

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