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TVU Networks Builds Ecosystem With Grid Open API

Last year in Mountain View, Calif.-based TVU Networks, a provider of live bonded cellular newsgathering solutions, introduced its TVU Grid IP-based video switching, routing and distribution solution to wide acclaim from broadcasters looking for the freedom to get closer to the news or sports action. At NAB this year, the company is expanding the capabilities of the platform with a new open API initiative that it hopes will stimulate third-party broadcast equipment manufacturers and solution providers to integrate new or existing applications and devices with the TVU Grid. With the recently released API, developers can take full advantage of TVU Grid's Web-based central control system and seamless switching capabilities. 

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Customized Solutions for In-House Distribution Introduced by Blonder Tongue

At the NAB Show (booth SU10202), Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. will show two new customized solutions for in-house broadcast distribution applications. The AQT8 Series transcoder, which provides channel processing in a high density, 1-RU chassis reduces the equipment, space, and power needed for QAM or IPTV in-house distribution. In addition, the company said it would provide a sneak peek of its new HDE-4S-PRO encoder, which offers motion optimization for professional sports applications. 

"Within the in-house broadcast distribution environment, operators need high-quality, cost-effective encoding and transcoding equipment," said Jeff Smith, vice president of sales at Blonder Tongue.

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TSL Products To Develop Video/Audio-Over-IP Solutions for Broadcasters

TSL Products, a manufacturer of audio monitoring, surround sound microphones and processing, broadcast control systems and power management solutions, has formed a strategic alliance to facilitate the development of next-generation Audio/Video-over-IP technology that could revolutionize the way in which signals are transported within a broadcast infrastructure.

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Research Predicts Business Use of Live Online Video to Double by 2016

While the widespread use of social media and video on smartphones and tablets has dominated perceptions of how Americans are using IT services, a rapidly growing number of executives and their companies are connecting with employees and others via live online video viewed at their desktop computers and laptops. That's according to a new research report by Wainhouse Research.

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Microsoft and Ooyala Join Forces for Multiscreen Digital TV Services

Ooyala has formed a strategic relationship with Microsoft Corp. to help develop, promote and accelerate the deployment of next-generation IP video services utilizing Microsoft Azure Media Services (Media Services) in conjunction with Ooyala's SaaS-based video distribution, analytics and monetization technology. Through this partnership, Ooyala becomes a preferred online video provider for Microsoft and Microsoft becomes Ooyala's preferred public cloud provider.

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Ball State Sports Link Produces Live Streams of NCAA March Madness

Ball State University's Sports Link, an immersive learning experience for digital sports production, once again played a role in bringing the madness that is the 2014 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship to viewers on the most common digital platforms as part of Turner Sports' "NCAA March Madness Live" online coverage.

Working with Turner Sports to feverishly edit and produce real-time video highlights from all 67 games of the tournament for the Coke Zero NCAA March Madness Social Arena, the students were under the direction of Chris Taylor, a telecommunications instructor and director of digital sports production, and Alex Kartman, telecommunications instructor and assistant director of digital sports production at the school.

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Disney's Future Will Be Dominated By IP Delivery

While she is leaving the company to pursue other interests, Anne Sweeney unveiled Disney's plans for an IP-dominated, digital delivery future at the recent Financial Times Digital Media Conference in London. Sweeney said the company would continue to evolve its range of apps in an effort to make them "the single destination" for customers to view TV.

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FCC Frees Up More Wireless Spectrum for Unlicensed Use

The Federal Communications Commission has freed up 100 megahertz of spectrum in the 5 gigahertz band to allow outdoor use and higher power--from 50 mW to 1 W for access points and 250 mW for client devices--unlicensed Wi-Fi and wireless broadband applications. The 100 MHz of spectrum at 5.15 to 5.25 GHz is already allocated to Wi-Fi. With the new order, the Commission is hoping to stimulate the deployment of new city-wide public Wi-Fi networks and other uses of wireless technology.

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Tips for Second Screen Success During a Live TV Event

Dan Meehan of Business2Community gives three tips for achieving second screen success during live TV events.

He writes, "Second screen usage during these major television broadcast events and programs is exploding in 2014, making it one of the more important trends in the mobile era we’re in. And it’s not that viewers are choosing tablet over TV, it’s that they are seeking different experiences on each … which could be a boon for advertisers paying attention."

Read the full story here.

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The Secret to Branded Viral Videos Is Genuiness

Mashable's Sarah Ang examines several tactics brands have used to achieve viral marketing success.

She writes, "Branded videos spread like wildfire for the same reason non-branded videos go viral: They're compelling and shareable. And making something that a consumer wants to share — particularly for entertainment value — is critical for success. Videos should prompt people to engage with a brand in a genuine fashion — ultimately, people share viral videos (branded or not) because they've stumbled across something they think is worth spreading the word about, regardless of a brand's ulterior motives. Therein lies the magic: The more views and shares your video receives, the more people you reach, and the more an audience becomes aware of your brand and — potentially — what you stand for."

Read the full story here.

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