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Amazon Sparks ‘Fire TV’ Streaming Device

Following months of rumors and speculation, Amazon on Wednesday revealed a TV-connected video streaming and gaming device called the Amazon Fire TV that will face off with a batch of competitors that includes Apple TV, the Google Chromecast, and Roku’s device lineup.

Shipping now, the Amazon Fire TV sells for $99. Amazon is selling a separate, optional game controller for $39 that can also double as a remote control.

While earlier reports suggested that Amazon would launch a Chromecast-like HDMI “stick,” the Amazon Fire TV is a compact (0.7-inch-thin) yet powerful box outfitted with a dedicated GPU and a quad-core CPU that, the company claims, will provide more than three times the processing power of the Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku 3.

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In Search of A 'Cold Storage' Morgue for Unloved Data

In a world where archival data is accumulating at a rate of 250 petabytes each year, safely storing that vast amount of information has become a critically important issue, especially for fast-growing enterprises like Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Part of the archiving equation is identifying and moving inactive data out of current online production systems into a long-term holding area, or “cold storage,” as it’s called in the business. Such a “cold” method of storage implies that an explicit tradeoff has been made to accept a slower response time to retrieve that older data than the quick access needed for more timely information saved online.

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Pluto.TV Is a Channel Guide for the Internet

A new website and app called brings a familiar interface to Internet videos: that of a cable channel guide. The site aggregates free Internet videos, like those found on YouTube or Funny or Die, and parses them out into categories like Music, Sports, News & Info, Kids, Education and more.

Read more here on PSFK.


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Linkin Park Releases Music Video as Xbox Video Game

Linkin Park has released an interactive, re-mixable music video for their new single "Guilty All the Same" through Xbox's creation game "Project Spark."

Explains Variety's Andrea Seikaly, "The highly customizable, interactive video’s basic premise is that guilt follows the main character through his or her run through the game space, though everything else is pretty much up to the users and can be catered to their preferences."

Read the full story here.

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Conan Adds 360-Degree Interactive Segments Online and on Mobile

Conan has launched a unique, interactive experience on its website and mobile app that allows users to view certain sketches in 360-degrees. The videos are sponsored by and use technology from AT&T.

See the available videos here and read more here on Lost Remote.


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Harmonic Develops New Technologies for New Delivery Systems

Today’s consumers demand a high-quality, personalized television experience on a wide range of devices including TV sets, PCs, smartphones and tablets. To be competitive in the multiscreen environment, broadcasters, service providers and new media companies need an end-to-end video infrastructure that supports a variety of content, including live television, VOD and OTT.

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Telestream’s Wirecast Pro Connects Centennial Gala

Mobeon is a provider of live multicamera video streaming services and equipment rentals for television shows, sporting events, performances, concerts and presentations.

This past January, the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity held a centennial gala at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C.. Simultaneously, six Phi Beta Sigma fraternity chapters held regional galas in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ft. Worth, Orlando and Greensboro, N.C. Live streaming among the seven gala sites allowed attendees to share each other’s programs and experiences almost as if they were gathered at a single location. Streamed events were viewed by the thousands of guests attending the galas and more 150,000 fraternity members worldwide.

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These Clouds Are Lined with Gold, Silver and Bronze

When NBC Sports committed to stream live coverage of every event from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, it took on an enormous task with two potentially big payoffs: first, attracting millions of viewers throughout the day as they turned to their computers, smartphones and media tablets for updates, and second, piquing their interest to build an even larger audience for the network’s primetime coverage.

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Marshall Encoders/IP Cameras Help Distribute School Video

Shoemaker Motion Picture Co. has been in the audio and visual presentation business since 1945. From our Indianapolis headquarters we provide a variety of services including design and installation of custom systems at both large and small venues.

Recently we were asked to look into ways to provide a video view of the stage in a high school auditorium to both behind-stage and classroom venues. Our clients at the school wanted to make sure that visitors could observe stage performances from the green room, as well as from the school’s orchestra room and other locations.

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Australian OTT Leader Uses Elemental Cloud to Build and Scale

Sydney-based Access Digital Entertainment is still in its early days as we embark on the first leg of what we expect to be a multiyear over-the-top TV (OTT) journey.

We’re an online entertainment retailer, offering download-to-own, video-on-demand and UltraViolet services through proprietary brands in Australia and New Zealand, with plans in progress to launch in the United Kingdom and Europe as well. We mean to be a meaningful IPTV player, delivering entertainment—movies and TV shows—that consumers want to own or rent via video-on-demand and that they can access from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

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