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Nobeo Takes Encoding on the Road with Digital Rapids StreamZ Live

nobeo GmbH is a provider of studio production, outside production and postproduction services. The company is based in Hürth, near Cologne, Germany. We have seven television studios situated within our 45,000 square meter backlot. Our mobile units and HD outside broadcasting vans allow us to record or broadcast live from outside staged productions. These include a variety of shows, concerts and sports events. And with the development of our new @-car ( compact production vehicle, nobeo is now able to offer high-quality broadcasting for event and business TV, plus live streaming for the Internet and social media activities.

No Others Need Apply

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Buyer's Guide: Encoding/Transcoding Hardware and Software

If you’re managing video across multiple platforms and distributing it to multiple screens, you’ll have to consider your encoding and transcoding requirements, how you prepare your media for distribution and consumption. Here are several encoding and transcoding products developed to transport data through various stages of the content cycle.


iCR Transcode

AmberFin iCR is a family of software products that perform high-quality ingest (encoding), transcoding, review, cut and splice editing, versioning, format conversion, standards conversion, operator annotation and file-based or video-based QC. iCR is a scalable, modular software solution that uses commodity IT hardware that can adapt and grow as the needs of a business change.

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Blink OTT Service First in the Philippines

Omni, in the Philippines, has deployed the country’s first live streaming TV service, called blink, with the help of software-based video processing and delivery solutions from Envivio (headquartered in South San Francisco, Calif.). Since launching last fall, blink TV has taken the Philippine Internet by storm and already counts more than 15,000 subscribers.

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Comigo Offers OTT Deployment without the Equipment Costs

A company called Comigo is giving pay TV operators and broadcasters the flexibility to launch OTT services quickly via its cloud-based video file-serving platform without any additional investment. The company’s TV solution offers capabilities that can easily be integrated with existing back-end solutions and front-end clients.

It offers the flexibility and control to manage and launch value-added services, personalization and social features, enriching the viewing experience of live TV channels, VOD and OTT content via a wide range of devices.

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Examining the State of VOD

Giant Interactive examines news in the VOD space via a few rumors surrounding Amazon as well as a new study about millennials' viewing habits.

They write, "Last week was a pretty exciting one, if you’re a VOD industry-watcher. (And who among us isn’t, I ask you?) First, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon was considering an ad-supported video channel to compete with industry leader Netflix and, perhaps more directly, with Hulu and PopcornFlix (Screen Media’s ad-supported channel, which is reported to be the 3rd most-watched VOD channel in the US)."

Read the full story here.

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YouTube Releases New Brand Playbook to Help with Content Marketing Success

YouTube's newly released Creator Playbook for Brands seeks to disseminate the vast amount of marketing research and knowledge gained from nearly a decade of YouTube videos.

Writes Greg Jarboe of Search Engine Watch, "The Brand Playbook reveals the tools and know-how developed by a generation of YouTube content creators in order to help brands as they develop content strategies that will resonate with 21st century consumers. This newest playbook is divided into seven sections. Each section presents several optimizations or strategies for building engaged audiences on YouTube. These best practices are explained in stages to help content creators and brand advertisers understand each point and guide them through taking action."

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Study: 27% Of Online Video Views Experience Buffering

A new study from online video optimization firm Conviva offered a dose of good and bad news for streaming world – video buffering is on the decline, but consumers are less tolerant of it when it does occur.

Conviva’s study, titled the 2014 Viewer Experience Report, found that roughly 27% of online video views experience buffering, 43% have low-resolution, and about 5% never start to play,When it comes to buffering, that’s a sign of marked improvement. Video buffering actually decreased from 39.3% in 2012, to 26.9% in 2013, based on Conviva’s study of 45 billion video streams across more than 1.6 billion individual devices and 400 premium video players in 2013.  

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Conversational Video Search

A company in Boston, Mass., called Veveo has developed a “conversational video search” application that combines the usability of a natural language, conversational interface with Knowledge Graph-based semantic technology.

In using the app to search video, users ask naturally spoken questions and follow-up queries that the app will recognize as related. If the user changes a query’s context or topic, the app recognizes the change and adapts search results accordingly. This way, the company says, a user can talk naturally, and the app responds much like an intelligent person in a conversation.

The app is planned for release for consumer Android and iOS devices in 2014. In February Rovi announced plans to acquire Veveo.


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AP and Streamworks International Expand Live News Streaming Deal

The Associated Press and Streamworks International have renewed their contract to provide live streaming of AP’s content to AP Video Hub, a high-quality live video platform that launched in September 2012. AP Video Hub enables online publishers with limited editorial resources to create rich online content, which increasingly includes live streams.

AP Video Hub’s live service provides a 24-7 stream of breaking news, as well as access to preplanned news events. Video Hub customers have benefited from AP’s live coverage of major stories, including the election of Pope Benedict XVI and the birth of Prince George.

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Vimeo Revamps Online Video Player

Vimeo has released its fastest online video player ever. Rebuilt from the ground up, Vimeo’s new player offers an improved viewing experience (50 percent faster) across any device by automatically defaulting to HTML5.

Vimeo has also added in-player transaction support for Vimeo On Demand that allows any Vimeo PRO member (content creator) to sell their work their way, on their own sites or across the web. Viewers who like a particular piece of Vimeo On Demand content can make purchases directly from the video player. The new player also offers wider viewer accessibility, with screen reader and voiceover compatibility.




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