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Unified Video Technologies Takes NAB Visitors to the Fights (On the Show Floor)

At the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas, a company called Unified Video Technologies (UNIV), based in Miami, Florida, will live-stream boxing matches via iVE, UNIV's 360-degree interactive video solution, from the 2014 NAB Show floor.

The matches will be held throughout the show at a specially constructed, scaled-down ring located at the UNIV booth (N8023). Visitors to the booth will be able to compare the experience of watching the match in person with experiencing it through the iVE second screen app on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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RealHome Media Portal Looks To Transform OTT Delivery

At the TV Connect conference in the UK, RealNetworks unveiled a multiformat, cross-platform streaming media solution called RealHome Media Portal that it says improves the delivery of OTT and digital television content across a wide range of connected devices, including set-top boxes, smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

03/28/14 10:03:52 AM

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Kudelski Group to Buy DRM Specialist Conax

Looking to grow its customer base, the Kudelski Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Conax AS from Telenor Broadcast Holding AS for approximately $225 million. Headquartered in Oslo, Conax is a global supplier of content protection software for digital TV services over broadcast, broadband and connected devices. Conax's Contego platform offers content protection across multiple consumer devices and operator platforms. The transaction is expected to close within 10 days.

03/28/14 10:03:56 AM

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OTT and Mobile Video Accelerate Globally

According to a new research report, the global TV and video market is up $31 billion since 2008 and is currently estimated at $192 billion. Those are the findings of research firm Euroconsult, which has released a report entitled Video Content Management and Distribution.

Euroconsult is headquartered in Paris, with offices in Montreal, Washington, D.C. and Japan.

The global consulting firm said that the Content Management Distribution (CMD) market is still dependent on the distribution of linear TV channels, representing 30,000 satellite TV signals and 23,000 unique TV channels in 2013. However, nonlinear content growth continues to accelerate, including over-the-top content (OTT) and mobile video, impacting service revenues while prompting specialized CMD providers to expand their service offering.

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Apple and Comcast Discuss Streaming TV Service

Although no official word has been released by either Apple or Comcast, the OTT industry is rife with speculation the companies are discussing jointly developing a TV streaming service that would use an Apple set-top box and unfettered broadband access on Comcast IP-based delivery infrastructure. It's a similar deal to the one Comcast reached with Netflix in February, and does not require a cable company supplied set top box to work.

As Netflix has seen, once you make an "interconnection" or "paid peering" deal, and pay a fee to Comcast for higher download speeds, subscribers' experience improves dramatically.

03/27/14 05:03:00 PM

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What to Look for When Purchasing an Encoder for Your School

Many schools and universities are looking to enhance the educational and teaching experience through the delivery of high-quality, HD video content to the classroom, including live video coverage of important lectures and ceremonies. However, before they’re able to deliver HD video content, critical infrastructure changes must be made. Given the growing number of video formats, devices, and browsers used throughout the video delivery process, an MPEG-2 HD encoder is essential. This article outlines the key requirements of deploying an MPEG-2 HD video encoder in the education space.


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Branded Videos Make Huge Leap in Views in 2013

A new study from Visible Measures shows that branded videos received 8.3 billion views in 2013, up 44% from 2012. One of the top branded videos leading the way was Turkish Airlines' "The Selfie Shootout" (found below).

"In 2013, it became more apparent than ever that all consumers really want is a compelling and authentic story," the study wrote. Read the full story here on Tubefilter.

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Young Millennials Watch More TV on Alternate Devices Than on TV

A new study from Deloitte shows that young millennials between the ages of 18-24 are watching more TV shows on their phones, tablets and computers than on their televisions.

"It’s an indicator of how the market is reacting to the introduction of technologies,” says Deloitte VP Gerald Belson. “Clearly, a large segment of the population is quite comfortable using any number of devices to watch content. The speed with which it’s happening takes some people by surprise."

Read the full story here on Re/code.

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Almost Half Of Streaming Device Owners Want More: Study

The market for specialized streaming devices is already full of competitors, with more on the way, but the good news for that group is that a sizable group of consumers who already own those OTT video devices will soon be on the prowl for at least one more.

According to a new study from The Diffusion Group, 48% of current users of “Internet set-top boxes,” a category that includes Roku and Apple TV devices, are likely to purchase another iSTB in the next six months. Likewise, 29% of adult broadband users are expected to purchase a new OTT video device during that period, the firm said.

That could bode well not just for Roku, which is about to release its new $49 HDMI Streaming Stick, but also the already-popular Google Chromecast, and new OTT video device models rumored to be coming soon from both Apple and Amazon.

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Multi-Screen Behaviors and Trends of Note for Marketers

A new AdAction Report from Millward Brown, "Marketing in a Multi-screen World," shows that, in the U.S., smartphone screens get the most usage on a daily basis (151 minutes), followed closely by TV (147 minutes) and laptops (103 minutes). Tablets get 43 minutes of average use.

03/27/14 01:03:26 PM