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Repair, Replace, Restore: The Range of Tools in iZotope RX 2 Improves Your Audio

iZotope is known as a company that makes software and hardware, including high-quality plug-ins for mastering, noise reduction and audio restoration. A number of applications come bundled with iZotope tools, notably Sony Sound Forge Pro, Adobe Audition CC and Premiere Pro CC.

09/25/13 12:09:35 PM

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Small Camera, Big Deal: Believe the Hype on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design was the star of the 2013 NAB Show with the announcement of two cameras: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera ($995) and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K ($3,995).

09/25/13 12:09:00 PM

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Tips to Clip: October 2013

Oops Preventer One thing you never want to hear when operating any kind of equipment is “Oops!” The oops usually comes when you accidentally hit something vital, like the mode or reset button. Kevin Glenn of Videocam in Anaheim, Calif., sent me a photo of one way to avoid making that mistake. Tape a bottle cap (water bottle caps work very well) over the button to shield it from errant fingers and it is almost impossible to hit.   Dot’s the Up Side

09/25/13 11:09:26 AM

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Production Diary: Dronus Interruptus: The Job That Flew Away

You remember Mary from my Production Diary a couple of months ago. Yes, of course you do: she’s the client who said, “It’s perfect. I absolutely love it!” and then, a few weeks later, wanted a dumb title at the start. Now she’s got another job for me and it’s brilliant. All is forgiven. A guest lodge in the Sierra Nevada mountains: spectacular scenery, hiking trails, horse riding, hot springs, tall red fir trees, snow-topped mountains and a decent-sized budget to boot. In short, a perfect subject for me and my Phantom Quadcopter. I bill her for 50 percent up front. She pays quickly. I’m rich. Time to upgrade my Phantom. Did Gyre and Gimble in the Wabe

09/24/13 05:09:04 PM

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Final Cut Pro X for Pros: New Features Expand the Editing Experience

Final Cut Pro X is steadily gaining support among professional editors as Apple integrates more features in response to users’ needs. Unlike the previous iterations of Final Cut Studio—where everything was integrated into a bundle of Apple applications—FCP X relies to a greater extent on an ecosystem of outside developers who have brought a number of useful tools to the table. This means that you buy only what you need and build out your toolkit according to your own specific workflow. Here are some tips on getting the most out of FCP X.

09/24/13 05:09:07 PM

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Instant Expert: Storage Sources: New Solutions for Managing Your Media

ITEM/CONTACT COMPANY MSRP WHAT’S NEW AND OTHER COMMENTS   BrightDrive Astella Fx    Bright Technologies From $31,000

09/23/13 05:09:12 PM

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Recording 'Redemption': Chris Menges Relies on an ARRI and Codex Workflow

Directed by Steven Knight, Redemption follows a traumatized, homeless veteran, played by Jason Statham, straining to maintain his sanity and seeking a new life on the streets of London.

09/23/13 04:09:08 PM

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Inside Adobe's Creative Cloud: The Concept, the Customer Response, the Real-World Experience

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that in June Adobe switched access to its software from licensed ownership to a subscription model. After a year of offering both options—perpetual licenses and subscriptions—Adobe has decided to go all-in on subscriptions for the latest version of its creative tools. (Adobe continues to offer perpetual licenses only for Adobe CS6 products.)

09/23/13 04:09:30 PM

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'Big Sur': Beat Generation Tale Told with Next-Generation Tools

The filmmakers responsible for the indie drama Big Sur, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, faced a number of challenges inherent in transposing Beat Generation hero Jack Kerouac’s introspective novel of the same name into a feature film set in late 1950s California. The freeform source material traces Kerouac’s (Jean-Marc Barr) life in the wake of his enormous success writing On the Road and his attempt to escape the demands and constraints of romantic entanglements. The film co-stars Kate Bosworth and Anthony Edwards as Kerouac’s longtime supporter Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

09/23/13 01:09:27 PM

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Image Innovation at the MTV VMAs: Event Captured with ARRI, Ikegami and Fujinon Tools

MTV has long been known as a trendsetter in the adoption of cutting-edge technology. This year’s Video Music Awards broadcast, held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, featured the first use of the HDK-97ARRI Super 35 CMOS camera from Ikegami and ARRI, marking a departure from three-chip camera acquisition for the awards show. The eight HDK-97ARRI cameras deployed for the broadcast were outfitted with Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 PL mount lenses. The cameras were situated on pedestals, jibs and Steadicams, as well as in traditional handheld configurations.

09/23/13 12:09:59 PM

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Inside the Production of 'Salinger': Cinematographer Buddy Squires Discusses the Documentary

Shooting the many interviews contained within Salinger, director Shane Salerno’s ambitious documentary about the famously reclusive author of Catcher in the Rye, was a years-long process. The first person to join Salerno on his project was Buddy Squires, whose list of credits would be the envy of just about any cinematographer working in the documentary arena. Squires has shot interviews with every type of subject, from veteran entertainers and politicians to those who are completely unaccustomed to being photographed. People interviewed for Salinger ran the gamut, from celebrities such as Philip Seymour Hoffman and Martin Sheen to Ethel Nelson, the Salinger family neighbor in Cornish, N.H., who’d never spoken publicly about the long period she’d spent watching over the author’s children.

09/19/13 11:09:50 AM

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Metallica Through the Never: Combining Concert Footage and Creative Storytelling in 3D IMAX

There have been concert movies and there have been apocalyptic feature films, but rarely if ever have both genres been featured in the same production. Until now.

09/19/13 10:09:51 AM

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Spotlight: Matthew Cooke, Writer/Director, 'How to Make Money Selling Drugs'

Told from the perspective of former drug dealers, How to Make Money Selling Drugs is both a primer on the topic and a new approach using satire and sincerity in documenting the complex issues surrounding America’s war on drugs. A shockingly candid examination of how a street dealer can rise to cartel lord with relative ease, How to Make Money Selling Drugs is an insider's guide to the violent but extremely lucrative drug industry. What was the tone of your approach to this film?

09/17/13 01:09:58 PM

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'Homeland': Capturing Tension and Apprehension for the Showtime Series

On September 29, the Showtime dramatic series Homeland will return for a third season. Season three begins in the aftermath of a massive and horrific terror attack. A global manhunt ensues.

09/04/13 01:09:03 PM

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'Drinking Buddies': Cinematographer Ben Richardson on Capturing the Conversational Comedy

Last year, Ben Richardson's gripping, handheld Super 16 camerawork for director Benh Zeitlin on Beasts of the Southern Wild was the talk of the cinematography world. For his follow-up feature, Richardson teamed with indie director Joe Swanberg on very different kind of film. Drinking Buddies, which has been called an "indie romantic comedy," follows Kate and Luke (Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson), co-workers at a craft brewery who find themselves alone together one weekend apart from their respective significant others. 

09/03/13 10:09:08 AM

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The Diamond Brothers Turn a Music Video Into an Epic Trilogy

Commercial directors Jason and Josh Diamond want the world to know they're ready, willing, and able to bring their talents into the feature film realm. The partners in New York-based production company The Hidden Fortress are less concerned about where the work is seen, than they are that they get to make the kind of movies they love.

08/29/13 02:08:02 PM

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September 2013 Digital Video Online Index

update The Crash Reel: Recording the HBO Doc, by Jon Silberg Sony F65 Cameras Go to Camp Jay Z Shoots "Picasso Baby” at Art Gallery The Kings of Summer Comes of Age with Resolve

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Avid Evolves Its Nonlinear Editor: Media Composer 7 Adds FrameFlex, Background Services

Avid continues to be the dominant force in television and film editing technology, despite being challenged by strong offerings from Apple, Adobe, Grass Valley and others. While it’s not always the flashiest product, Avid’s flagship Media Composer editing application delivers the toolset that professional editors rely on to be productive. Version 7.0 is no exception. Along with new features, it has been reduced in price to $999, and big brother Avid Symphony is now available as a $1,499 add-on. Other options include ScriptSync and PhraseFind.

08/28/13 12:08:29 PM

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Inside the Creative Cloud: Postproduction With Adobe's New Premiere Pro CC

Adobe started to receive serious interest from the professional video community with the introduction of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Premiere Pro. Many of these editors were looking for the next generation of nonlinear editing software after Apple change direction with Final Cut Pro. Adobe responded with software that delivered both performance and a familiar look and feel.

08/28/13 12:08:43 PM

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Tips to Clip: September 2013

Power Play One of my favorite things about writing this column is the opportunity it gives me to pass on the tips others have shared with me. This note from Norm Ross of Salt Lake City is exactly what I am talking about. Norm writes, “I’ve followed the Tips page for years. I just wanted to say July’s Surviving Session Shakes tip was an excellent one. “There’s only one thing I might add. After working with the new power-sensitive cameras and the sometimes troublesome electrical circuits of many large meeting rooms, I’ve learned to carry a compact surge protector strip in my ditty bag. It’s much less expensive than camera repair.”

08/28/13 12:08:57 PM