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Avid Evolves Its Nonlinear Editor: Media Composer 7 Adds FrameFlex, Background Services

Avid continues to be the dominant force in television and film editing technology, despite being challenged by strong offerings from Apple, Adobe, Grass Valley and others. While it’s not always the flashiest product, Avid’s flagship Media Composer editing application delivers the toolset that professional editors rely on to be productive. Version 7.0 is no exception. Along with new features, it has been reduced in price to $999, and big brother Avid Symphony is now available as a $1,499 add-on. Other options include ScriptSync and PhraseFind.

08/28/13 12:08:29 PM

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Inside the Creative Cloud: Postproduction With Adobe's New Premiere Pro CC

Adobe started to receive serious interest from the professional video community with the introduction of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Premiere Pro. Many of these editors were looking for the next generation of nonlinear editing software after Apple change direction with Final Cut Pro. Adobe responded with software that delivered both performance and a familiar look and feel.

08/28/13 12:08:43 PM

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Tips to Clip: September 2013

Power Play One of my favorite things about writing this column is the opportunity it gives me to pass on the tips others have shared with me. This note from Norm Ross of Salt Lake City is exactly what I am talking about. Norm writes, “I’ve followed the Tips page for years. I just wanted to say July’s Surviving Session Shakes tip was an excellent one. “There’s only one thing I might add. After working with the new power-sensitive cameras and the sometimes troublesome electrical circuits of many large meeting rooms, I’ve learned to carry a compact surge protector strip in my ditty bag. It’s much less expensive than camera repair.”

08/28/13 12:08:57 PM

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Production Diary: Do You Believe in Miracles? With Me, They Happen All the Time

Miracle at the BBC I am making a VidiWall about the first 50 years of British television. I am in the office of the head of the BBC’s library. It’s 1986 and I say, “I used to work at BBC Ealing Studios in 1965. I edited The Wars of the Roses.” She replies, “Oh yes, I know that program. The film cans would be downstairs with ten million films and tapes.”

08/28/13 12:08:57 PM

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DV101: 12 Pages, Four Scenes, 12 Hours: Lessons Learned from Fast-Paced Filmmaking

I was approached by a Los Angeles actor’s networking collective to direct some scenes for the group and help their members build their reels. ActionGroupLA is a membership of actors of various disciplines who get together monthly to pool their resources and shoot shorts and specs. After directing a back-alley-gangster short for the group, they approached me to direct a series of intimate dramatic scenes that take place over different eras within one room. With no budget, only a single day and some tangled Janga-esque balancing of actor schedule availabilities, we embarked on a day of production that would encompass 12 pages of script and four scenes covering 40 years in time from the 1970s to today.

08/28/13 12:08:17 PM

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Shure UR3 and UR5 Microphones: Trying Out the Wireless Recoding and Transmission System

Shure, one of the most respected manufacturers of audio hardware, recently introduced a wireless transmission system: the UR3 UHF-R plug-on transmitter and UR5 UHF-R portable wireless receiver.

08/28/13 01:08:45 PM

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Optics for the Onset of 4K Imaging: Lens Developments Consider the Coming Format

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, any 4K video system is only as good as its weakest component. Lens makers are working overtime to make certain the weakest link in the 4K chain isn’t with their optics.

08/20/13 05:08:15 PM

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Tips to Clip: August 2013

Traveling Tips Here is a checklist of tips to ensure that checked equipment arrives on time and in good condition. Put a large note with your itinerary and your on-the-road contact info inside each bag. Your home phone number is useless if the case goes astray. Putting your home address on the outside just lets burglars know which house is unattended. If you must put an address on the outside, make it your destination. Photograph the contents of each case you intend to check. It’s a good idea to do this with your cell phone so the images are with you if a problem develops. Keep a list of the items in each case. If you are traveling internationally, it’s also a good idea to have copies of the sales receipts to show the customs folks.

08/20/13 05:08:19 PM

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Production Diary: The Shiny Black Door: When New Technology Was Banned

I cross the park in Soho Square, go to number 2 and press the buzzer. It’s 1964 and I’ve just arrived from Australia. Eventually the lock on the shiny black door clicks open and I walk down the hall to a small sliding window. I am inside the all-powerful ACTT union headquarters. (ACTT is the Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians, a trade union in the United Kingdom.)

08/20/13 05:08:48 PM

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August 2013 Digital Video Online Index

update Making the Invisible Visible: Postproduction on Under the Dome, by Jon Silberg Video Hawks Assists World War Z Production Garth Davis Directs 4K Sony Campaign

08/21/13 01:08:17 PM

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Small Is the New Big: Shooting with Radiant Images’ Novo and Novo 2K

Some boxes of cereal contain prizes that are bigger than the Novo camera from Radiant Images. Developed in conjunction with View Factor Studios and released in February, the original Novo camera measures 2.47” x 1.85” (0.5” thick), weighs 3.2 oz and lets you monitor its recordings via Wi-Fi. Novo can shoot 2.7K Cine (2704 x 1440) at 24 fps, 1080p at 24 to 60 fps, and even 4K Cine (4096 x 2160) at 12 fps. Novo received a prestigious Mario Award from our sister publication TV Technology at the 2013 NAB Show.

08/19/13 12:08:22 PM

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Spotlight: Lily Keber, Director, 'Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker'

Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker explores the life and music of piano legend James Booker, who was described by Dr. John as “the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced.” Director Lily Keber took on the challenge of documenting this complicated and mysterious character. How would you describe your approach?

08/20/13 12:08:22 PM

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Ingenious and Inflatable: Airbox Adds A Softbox to Your On-Camera LED Fixture

The problem with most small LED fixtures is the quality of light that comes out of them. While little LEDs may be useful for tucking into small corners, the harshness of their light can limit their usefulness for on-camera interviews. Adding a softbox significantly changes the quality of light, translating the source into something pleasing even close up.  Airbox Macro Gaffer and cinematographer Tom Guiney has come up with an extraordinarily simple solution for adding a softbox to nearly any small on-camera LED fixture. He calls it Airbox Lights.

08/12/13 04:08:41 PM

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Space-Time Continuum: 'In Saturn’s Rings' Assembles Over One Million Images

For two years Stephen van Vuuren has been on a mission. In Saturn’s Rings is a large-format film destined for IMAX release next year that’s composed entirely of photographs of the gas giant taken by spacecraft. Van Vuuren combines the multitude of photos with numerous film techniques to create the effect of flying through space around Saturn and among its rings. The director’s challenge during the film’s production was to craft this virtual tour for viewers without resorting to CGI or special effects.

08/12/13 02:08:58 PM

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'The Crash Reel:' Recording and Revealing for the HBO Documentary

Although the HBO documentary The Crash Reel focuses on half-pipe snowboarding champion Kevin Pearce, one of the most riveting scenes shows no snowboarding at all. The film, directed by Lucy Walker, is really about the devastating effects of the 2009 training accident that caused Pearce to suffer traumatic brain injury that damaged, among much else, the former star athlete’s self-awareness.

08/09/13 12:08:18 PM

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Interview: KC Estenson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CNN Digital

KC Estenson is senior vice president and general manager of CNN Digital. His responsibilities include management of CNN’s Internet, wireless, video-on-demand and IP broadband businesses, as well as CNN Digital’s business development, marketing and editorial operations. He’s held this post since 2008. Earlier this year CNN became the first major American TV network to offer live streaming of virtually all of its on-air programming to mobile devices. KC, how have CNN and its digital enterprises progressed over the years you’ve been there?

07/31/13 05:07:03 PM

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Randall Einhorn's DSLR Dream for 'Wilfred'

FX’s Wilfred, now in its third season, stars Elijah Wood as a troubled man who sees his neighbor’s dog as man in a dog suit. The series has been shot entirely on DSLRs, but toward the end of season two the production switched from Canon EOS 5D Mk II bodies to Nikon D800s.

07/31/13 03:07:34 PM

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DV101: Perception and Reflection: How to Achieve the Correct Color Temperature

Our world is filled with color—deep reds, cool blues, vibrant yellows—all of which we see because the light from the sun contains all of the colors of the rainbow, so the individual objects in our world can reflect those colors to our eyes. Human vision is incredibly flexible with regard to color. Our eyes and our brains work together to interpret many different lighting situations so that we see them as natural and normal.

07/29/13 03:07:56 PM

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'Particle Fever:' Walter Murch Edits CERN Documentary

Filmmaking isn’t rocket science, but sometimes the two do… collide. Such is the case with the documentary Particle Fever, where the credentials of both producer David Kaplan and director Mark Levinson include a doctorate in particle physics.

07/26/13 10:07:12 AM

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Maximum Mini: Multiple Output Options on AJA’s ROI Mini-Converter

While mini-converters are a necessity in today’s multi-standard post environment, reading about them doesn’t usually evoke a sense of excitement. Mini-converters don’t tend to be flashy or slick. They are content to perform their essential roles in the background, letting the monitor and the software take the credit for a job well done.

07/25/13 11:07:53 AM