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Blackmagic Introduces URSA Camera With Upgradable 4K Sensor

For the third year in a row, Blackmagic Design has introduced a new camera at NAB Show. The 4K-capable Blackmagic URSA comes in EF ($6000) and PL mounts ($6500) and is equipped with two 5-inch LCD screens on either side and a swappable Super 35 image sensor. Writes Engadget, "We spent a few minutes shooting with the EF version with a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens. The preview looked fantastic -- with such a large, high-res display, it's easy to confirm focus without enlarging, though you'll want to take extra care when capturing in 4K. There's definitely no shortage of readouts, with the secondary LCDs providing all the necessary info."

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Sony's Newly Announced A7S Features Incredible Low-Light Capabilities

Sony's just-announced A7S ia a 4K-capable full-frame, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Writes Manuel A. Calle of The Digital Visual, "Adding to their aforementioned and newly found pedigree, Sony today announced their first 4k-capable camera built on the Alpha A7 foundation, featuring incredible low-light capabilities and the features budget-centric movie makers have always wanted in a pint-sized package." Read the full story here.

04/07/14 05:04:54 PM

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Hands-On with the New Sony A7R

Den Lennie writes up his experiences getting hands-on with the newly announced Sony a7S. He writes on F-Stop Academy, "This camera has been optimised for video shooting and is very impressive. The low light capability is staggering with maximum ISO set at 409,600…We’ve been using it very comfortably at 12,600 ISO and the images are clean and have great resolution. Not only does the camera record at 1920×1080 50mb/s XAVCs on to SDXC cards but you can take uncompressed 4K out via micro HDMI into an external 4K recorder. The biggest plus as far as I’m concerned is the implementation of S-Log2 as an option when recording. This enables you to take advantage of a wide dynamic range and grade up in post." Watch his test footage and read the full story here.

04/08/14 09:04:44 AM

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Den Lennie and Sony's Kanta Yakamoto Talk New Sony a7S

In the below video from NAB 2014, Matt Allard and Dan Chung of News Shooter talk to Sony's Kanta Yakamoto and director of photographer Den Lennie about the new Sony a7S. They discuss the inspiration for the camera, who the camera is aimed for, and more. Watch below.

04/07/14 05:04:34 PM

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JVC Unveils Four New 4K Cameras at NAB Show 2014

JVC is demoing four new 4K cameras at NAB Show this week: the GY-LSX1, GY-LSX2, GW-SPLS1, and GW-GBLS1. Explains Tim Dashwood of DV Info, "JVC Kenwood is unveiling four new 4K camera models at NAB2014 featuring 4K CMOS Super35 sensors from its sister company AltaSens. The cameras on display in the booth are prototypes and JVC has not set release dates or pricing." Read more, and see photos of the prototypes, here.

04/07/14 04:04:17 PM

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AJA Announces Camera Line with 4K-Capable Cion

At NAB Show, AJA has announced that it is introducing a camera line, starting with the $9000 4K-capable Cion. Writes The Hollywood Reporter's Carolyn Giardina, "The camera—the first in what will be a camera line—is aimed at filmmakers, TV series and broadcast production. AJA president Nick Rashby told The Hollywood Reporter that he sees the Cion sitting in the midrange of the market, between high-end camera such as the Arri Alexa and Red Epic and low end DSLR and prosumer cameras, meaning he sees this as a competitor with cameras such as Sony’s F55 4K model." Read the full story here.    

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Nikon D800, Canon 1DC and 5D Mark III, Sony a7R, iPhone and iPad Go Head-to-Head in Camera Comparison

In the below video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan compares footage from 6 cameras: the iPhone 5C, the iPad, the Nikon D800, the Sony a7R, the Canon 5D Mark III, and the Canon 1DC. Can you tell which camera shot what? Watch below.

04/06/14 08:04:54 PM

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Six GoPro Cameras Capture a Unique Spherical Perspective of the World

Filmmaker Jonas Ginter custom-designed a rig that fits 6 GoPro cameras in order to capture the unique 360-degree perspective found in the video below. Writes The Verge, "The video's known as a stereographic projection — it's named for a technique that turns a spherical surface into a 2D plane. Before going for a bike ride, Ginter first needed to make a camera rig that could capture nearly 360-degree video, and to do so he stuck six GoPro cameras together with a custom-designed, 3D-printed mold." Watch below and read more here.

04/06/14 08:04:30 PM

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Louie Schwartzberg on His 30 Years of Shooting Time-Lapses

National Geographic News Watch talks to time-lapse photographer Louie Schwartzberg, who has been making nature time-lapses for over thirty years. He says of his work primarily shooting flowers, "They kind of seduce you with their beauty and you fall in love with them. That’s why I made a film about pollination, which is so critical. A third of our food comes from pollinating plants. But to answer your question specifically, I’ve got two cameras going nonstop 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because time is precious and I don’t want to waste a single second. I’ve squeezed 35 years of shooting into 12 hours of material." Read the full story here.

04/06/14 08:04:50 PM

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Adidas Outfits Soccer Ball with GoPro Cameras

In the lead-up to the World Cup, sponsor Adidas has created a "Brazucam" out of their new Brazuca soccer balls. The ball is outfitted with 6 GoPro cameras inside of it, and is being sent all over the world, where it till be tweeting out photos, recording interviews, and creating 360-degree interactive images. Read the full story here on PetaPixel.

04/06/14 06:04:05 PM

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Canon Releases XF200 and XF205 Cameras

Canon has announced two new HD cameras, the XF200 and XF205. Writes RedShark News, "Clearly closely related to Canon's XF105 and XF100 cameras, Canon says it has taken onboard feedback from customers when designing these new cameras. With a built-in 26.8mm wide-angle lens, there's an optical 20x zoom that is double the range of the new camera's prececessors." Read the full story here.

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Short Time-Lapse Documentary Covers Tumultous Year in Filmmaker's Life

Filmmaker Simon Graham documented a year in his life by taking daily first-person time-lapses on his smartphone and editing them together into the short documentary "Val." The name of the documentary celebrates both his mother--whom he lost during his year of filming--and his son--who was born in the same year. The forward tracking shot that's visible in each scene gives the film a unique momentum. He writes of the video, "Starting as a sort of travel/visual diary animation, the film took a big transformation. it turned out a completely different proposition altogether, covering huge milestones in my life beyond any of my expectations." Watch below. (via The Creators Project)

04/02/14 04:04:43 PM

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Watch Another Breathtaking Aerial View of Iceland

Another gorgeous aerial video of Iceland has hit the web, and we are not complaining. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 attached to a DJI Phantom quadcopter, the video features streams, waterfalls, geysers and, of course, the country's stunning view of the Aurora Borealis. Watch below. (via PetaPixel)

04/02/14 12:04:03 PM

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In the Field with the Panasonic GH4

EOSHD's Andrew Reid and Frank Sauer are posting a weeklong production diary featuring the new 4K-capable DSLM camera, the Pansonic GH4. They write, "The GH4 is one of the most exciting cameras I’ve ever shot with. The whole ethos of this camera I love. Feature after feature packed into it, the convenience factor of an efficient 4K codec and no more huge file sizes or bulky external batteries – not to mention the accessible price for the masses and astounding image quality in 4K – both of us were in awe of it." Read the full story here.

03/31/14 05:03:13 PM

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Watch a Wondrous Macro Time-Lapse of Coral Life

Daniel Stoupin's focus stacked, three-minute film of coral life is a wonder to behold and was a beast to make. Stoupin put together 150,000 22-megapixel images to create it; it took his laptop three weeks just to process the images. Explains Creators Project, "Why so many images, you may ask? Because each frame of the video consists of 3-12 focused-stacked stills. And when focus stacking that many 22-megapixel RAW files, every single frame can take as long as ten minutes to process." Watch below and read the full story here.

03/31/14 03:03:03 PM

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Codex Action CAM is 'GroPro on Steroids'

News Shooter calls Codex's newly announced mini camera, the Action CAM, like a "GoPro on steroids." They write, "The camera has a Kodak 2/3 inch CCD sensor with a global shutter. This should give the Action CAM a good image in lower light with less noise. The global shutter aims to cure the skew and jello effects that plague lower cost action cameras. The lens mount is a C-mount, with adapters for Canon EF, B4 and PL offered. With this setup pretty much any lens will go on the camera but be prepared for the high crop factor if using S35 or full-frame lenses." Read the full story here.    

03/31/14 12:03:12 PM

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Codex to Introduce Camera/Recorder Hybrid Action CAM at NAB Show

Codex will be introducing its all-in-one miniature camera/recorder at NAB Show 2014, the Codex Action CAM. Writes Jon Fauer of Film and Digital Times, "Codex Action CAM is a complete camera, capture, transcoding, recording and data management system for places and spaces where the 'A' camera is just too big to fit." Read the full story here.        

03/31/14 11:03:02 AM

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Ice Caves and Auroras: Iceland's Stunning Natural Beauty Takes Centerstage in New Time-Lapse

If visiting Iceland hasn't been on your bucket list before, the time-lapse below just might change that. Brothers Patrick Shyu and Henrick Shyu captured not just the country's unparalleled view of the Aurora Borealis, but also its ice caves and stunning landscapes. The video was filmed over only two weeks in the dead of winter. It was shot with a Nikon D800 and comes complete with a romantic "surprise ending." Watch below.

03/28/14 12:03:23 PM

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Edelkrone's Craft Module Makes Time-Lapse Calculations Easy

Edelkrone has introduced an attachment to their SliderPLUS sliders called the Craft Module which automatically makes several time-lapse calculations. The Craft Module allows you to choose between photo and video time-lapse modes, after which it will ask you some questions to determine start-point, end-point, operation duration, desired frame rate and final movie duration. It will calculate maximum shutter speed and also has a timer function for scheduling time-lapses. It's priced at $699. Watch more below. (via wolfcrow)

03/28/14 11:03:03 AM

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Get Nostalgic for Summer with a Firefly Time-Lapse Video

In case you're itching for summer to finally get here, here's a good way to anticipate those warm nights. Vincent Brady has released a soothing time-lapse depicting the fireflies that swarm around Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and Grand Ledge, Michigan. It's like a terrestrial version of the aerial light shows that we're used to seeing in time-lapse videos (though, there's some of that in the video, too). Watch below. (via Gizmodo)

03/27/14 03:03:39 PM