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Watch Larry Jordan's Lecture on the Realities of Incorporating 4K Into Your Workflow

In the below video lecture from BVExpo 2014, Larry Jordan discusses how far 4K has come in the past year and what he sees as the future of the format. He also looks into the realities and associated costs with integrating 4K into projects and workflows. Watch below. (via motionVFX Blog)

03/27/14 02:03:56 PM

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GoPros and Drones Capture Stunning Beauty of Alaska's Ice Caves

Check out Firelight Films' spectacular video "Bigger Than Life: Ice Caves," depicting the surreal beauty of Alaska's ice caves. Then prepare to be amazed when you find out that the entire thing was shot with GoPros and DSLRs and using DJI quadcopter drones. Watch it and a behind-the-scenes video below. (via The Creators Project)

03/26/14 12:03:18 PM

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Rodeo FX Sees Double for 'Enemy'

Rodeo FX completed 60 visual effects shots for the Denis Villeneuve film Enemy, a surreal mystery that follows a college professor (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he learns he has a doppelgänger (also played by Gyllenhaal). (For more on Enemy, read our interview with cinematographer Nicolas Bolduc, CSC here.) Using a combination of live and CG elements, Rodeo developed a method to “duplicate” Gyllenhaal so that he could talk to his doppelgänger and even interact with him physically. During production, a crew from Rodeo was present on set to assist Villeneuve in shooting these technical scenes.      

03/25/14 12:03:40 PM

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Gunning and Goldfrapp Collaborate on Film Series

To accompany the release of the band Goldfrapp’s Tales of Us album, filmmaker Lisa Gunning wrote, directed, edited and co-produced five short films, working with commercial production company Cap Gun Collective.

03/25/14 12:03:14 PM

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Mirada Visits Ancient Egypt for Katy Perry Video

Directed by Mathew Cullen, the Egyptian-themed music video for Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” offers viewers an epic visual spectacle. While much of the action in the video was captured in camera, the creative team at Mirada enhanced the aesthetics with 3D character assets and FX particle and fluid simulations. They also added visual enrichments to key moments within live-action sets and sprawling digital matte paintings. Led by creative director Izhak Roitman and visual effects supervisor Andrew Ashton, Mirada designed and delivered 127 visual effects shots for “Dark Horse” that included re-creating Egyptian pyramids and animating a talking sphinx.  

03/25/14 12:03:36 PM

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Leviathan Delivers Evocative Titles for 'The Red Road'

Leviathan’s title sequence for the Sundance TV series The Red Road engages viewers with black shapes and patterns that transform into scenes that are both recognizable and obscure—for example, a river that may also be a twisted face. “The Red Road is about uncovering and exploring secrets,” explains Leviathan executive creative director Jason White. “We wanted to create something where viewers are likely to spot unique aspects of the visuals with each viewing.”

03/25/14 11:03:09 AM

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GoPro Array Attached to Drones Captures Unique 360-Degree Music Video

Ryan Staake directs the music video for Booka Shades "Crossing Borders," which used an array of 7 GoPro cameras attached to Octofilms' helicopter drones to capture its unique, trippy 360-degree imagery. Says Staake in a behind-the-scenes video (found below), "I think we're looking for highly repetitive and unique locations, things with a lot of vertical shapes coming out. We're looking for textures and patterns and geometry and similarities between the built human landscape and the natural landscape." Watch it and a making-of below. (via PetaPixel)  

03/24/14 04:03:32 PM

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Get a Close-Up First Look at the Panasonic GH4

The below video from Zacuto takes a first look at the Panasonic GH4, going through the camera's main features. The GH4 is the first DSLM camera with built-in 4K video capabilities. Watch below. First Look at the Panasonic Lumix GH4 with Zacuto from Zacuto on Vimeo.  

03/24/14 02:03:13 PM

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An Exercise in Precision: Hyperlapse Cuts Together Changing Seasons in Poland

Piotr Wancerz's hyperlapse of Krakow, Poland takes place over 14 months and cuts together a variety of angles over the changing seasons. As PetaPixel explains, "Understandably, the most difficult part was planning out locations and keeping track of camera placement over the course of 14 months and changing weather — something he clearly did with exceptional precision." Read more here and watch below.

03/24/14 12:03:26 PM

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Hands-On with the Panasonic GH4

In the below video, The Camera Store TV goes hands-on with a pre-production 4K Panasonic GH4. "This is exciting, because, first-off, some interesting still capabilities which we'll look at but, even more importantly, this is a powerful video camera. It's 4K and it's affordable." Watch below.

03/21/14 01:03:00 PM

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Watch a 20-Minute Tutorial on Making Night Sky Time-Lapses

We feature a lot of nighttime time-lapses on Creative Planet Network because we can't get enough of the beauty of the heavens in motion. But how do you go about making one? Time-lapse master Dustin Farrell has made it easy to get started with his 20-minute video tutorial on how to shoot a night sky time-lapse. He breaks down the equipment, set-up, post-production settings and more. Watch below. (via Fstoppers)

03/19/14 12:03:51 PM

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Stop-Motion Animation Promotes 19th Century Illustrator's Work

To promote an exhibition of illustrations by Gustave Doré, now on view at Paris' Musée d'Orsay, Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace created a stop-motion animation that uses Doré's work in a new and whimsical way. Watch below. (via PSFK)

03/18/14 11:03:19 AM

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Behind-the-Scenes of Red Bull's First-Person Ski Slopestyle Video

Red Bull's video of slopestyle skiing Olympic bronze medal winner Nick Goepper uses the MoVI, a Phantom Miro, and body mounted cameras to take us inside the high-octane sport. Watch the finished video and a behind-the-scenes look below.

03/12/14 11:03:58 AM

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Watch a Surreal Hundred Waters Music Video Created with Practical Effects

Michael Langan's music video for Hundred Waters' "Cavity" may look like standard 2014 visual effects fare. But the surreal imagery of the video was actually created with practical effects rather than CGI. As Laughing Squid explains, "According to the video’s director, Michael Langan, most of the video was lit with a single flashlight, which in some scenes was 'echoed' up to 500 times to fill the shot with illuminated patterns." Watch below and read the full story here.

03/07/14 05:03:26 PM

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Vimeo to Invest $10 Million into Indie Films

Vimeo is setting asside $10 milion dollars to invest in independent films that either premiere at an established festival or garner $10,000 worth of crowdfunded donations. Explains CNET, the funds will be "in exchange for giving Vimeo a window of time as the only place you can go to see the videos through its Vimeo On Demand pay-for-play platform. For the filmmakers, the investment takes the shape of direct payments for that exclusive license and marketing support, including Web site development and translation services. (In addition, anyone who qualifies to be is in the running for investment can get a free Vimeo Pro account.)" Read the full story here.

03/07/14 01:03:41 PM

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Time-Lapse Unearths the Secret Life of Coral

Oftentimes, time-lapse photography is used to show the beauty of night skies or breathtaking landscapes. But one researcher has used the technology to shed light on the secret life of coral. Researcher Pim Bongaerts explains, "We haven't really seen coral as living animals that can show responses. What always frustrated me is that you always, when you're diving, you only get to see these snapshots of these processes that occur on coral reefs. And out of this frustration, really, I started playing with the idea of using time-lapse to start documenting some of these processes." In the video below, you can see coral moving, opening up like flowers, and even fighting. (via Smithsonian)

03/06/14 01:03:35 PM

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Travis Rice Announces New 4K Snowboard Film

Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Digital Cinema are making a new snowboarding film with snowboarder Travis Rice, whose previous films include That's It, That's All and The Art of FLIGHT. There aren't many details about the new project yet, but it will be shot in 4K. Says Rice, "This film is an incredibly ambitious project. After pushing the limits in 'The Art of FLIGHT' we knew that it would be tough to take it to the next level without seriously getting out there. I can't reveal where we're going yet, but I can say we are headed into the unknown, and it’s an entirely new approach to following winter for me. Our team is going all in on this one.”

03/05/14 06:03:29 PM

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The Basics of Making a Time-Lapse Video

In the below video from Adorama TV, photographer Corey Rich gives a basic tutorial on how to do time-lapse photography, focusing on using the Nikon D800. Watch below.

03/05/14 02:03:58 PM

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New App Simulates Viewfinders of Hundreds of Camera and Lens Combinations

The Mark II Artist's Viewfinder app could help to make location scouting a breeze for cinematographers and photographers. The $25 app simulates the viewfinders of a a wide variety of camera and lens combinations. It allows you to take a snapshot of what you're seeing and even includes GPS coordinates so that you can find the location again later. Explains FStoppers, "The point is to give you an accurate idea of what a scene would look like if you decided to lug your big heavy gear up to some remote location. It basically allows you to check your shots and possible compositions against the 35mm (crop and full frame), medium format, large format, and even motion picture systems."

03/04/14 11:03:39 AM

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The Best Gear for Low-Budget Filmmaking

The Wall Street Journal gathers together the best gear for low-budget filmmakers, from cameras and peripherals to apps and accessories. They write, "No less impressive than the Oscar-nominated films being made for relatively small sums is what amateurs are able to capture with the smartphones in their pockets. As the price of cinema-quality gear drops and the consumer-level cameras advance, the barrier to making a high-quality film has never been lower. No matter what your skill set or budget, great tools are within reach." Read the full story here.

03/03/14 03:03:38 PM