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Can You Figure Out Which Camera Shot Which Shot?

Here's a fun one. Rick Young posted a compilation video of his work shot over a number of years with a number of different cameras. A week later, he revealed which camera had shot which segment. Can you figure it out? Here's the original video. And here's the one with the answers. (via Movie Machine)  

02/20/14 03:02:37 PM

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Dennis Hlynsky Discusses His Time-Lapse Work Bridging Science and Art

Time-lapse photographer Dennis Hlynsky, whose stunning work depicting the migration patterns of birds and insects has been recently gaining traction, talks to The Atlantic about the inspiration for his pieces. He says, "There's a process that I think is very scientific but I don't feel like I'm doing science. I'm making artrworks, I'm living my life as an observational human being." Watch below.

02/20/14 01:02:59 PM

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NewBay Media Introduces Best of Show Award at NAB Show

Digital Video, along with several sibling publications owned by NewBay Media, has announced a new awards program for products introduced at the NAB Show. The NewBay Media Best of Show Award will replace several award programs including the Digital Video Black Diamond Award. “Awards will be given by NewBay Media publications TV Technology, Digital Video, Video Edge, Radio and Radio World magazines, and all nominated and winning products will be recognized in a post-show, digital Best of Show Program Guide delivered to readers of these top industry publications,” the company announced in an email to manufacturers. “NAB Show exhibitors may submit a product for consideration by one or more of these publications, and may submit multiple products.” Companies pay a fee to nominate a product.

02/21/14 04:02:36 PM

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Shooting a Documentary on the Digital Bolex

Peter J. Haas and Keif Roberts have put out one of the first completed projects shot with a Digital Bolex D16, short documentary "Peter Pan Bakery." Haas writes about his experiences with the camera on RedShark News, writing, "The uninterruptible daily hustle and bustle combined with the very limited space we had available at the bakery provided a particular challenge.  It was unlikely that we would be able to use any conventional camera, tripod or lighting setups.  The D16 ended up being a perfect match for this scenario for several reasons. The form factor alone allowed for hand-held shooting without the use of any rigs.  It was a bit of a rocky start as my body got adjusted but I quickly became very happy with how little space I took up operating camera."

02/20/14 12:02:23 PM

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Digital Video Expo Relaunched as Next | Video Conference and Expo

PASADENA, CA  — NewBay Media, the leading publisher of digital content creation media, has announced that its annual Digital Video Expo event will be rebranded as the Next | Video Conference and Expo. This year’s event will take place October 1-3 at the Pasadena Convention Center, which is easily accessible for California-area Video, Broadcast, and Production Professionals. Next | Video will significantly expand the coverage of video streaming, distribution, and enterprise-level creation and acquisition. With an expanded show floor that features new content pavilions, Next | Video will also include a new multi-day, multitrack conference, offering the latest in available technology, best practice usage, tools, and techniques.  This year's Next | Video will excite returning attendees as well as new attendees with streaming and enterprise interests.      

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How to Shoot Better B-Roll

In the below video, Alaska Video Shooter's Slavik Boyechko gives some practical tips for shooting good B-Roll. He writes on News Shooter, "Efficiency in shooting B-roll extremely important. The challenge is to get a variety of shots, at different angles and focal lengths, using different support rigs and camera movements – while still being prepared to shoot something important and unplanned. It is really fun but makes every doc shoot a kind of rush." Watch below and read more here.

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Captivating Wildlife Time-Lapse Videos Provide Clues to Scientists

Mashable profiles the work of time-lapse photographer Dennis Hlynsky, whose captivating wildlife videos have garnered interest from laymen and scientists alike. Says Neal Overstrom, director of RISD's Nature Lab, "This is an example of artistic inquiry and scientific inquiry existing in the same medium. Art and science are complementary modes of inquiry — they help us understand the world." Read the full story here.

02/18/14 04:02:16 PM

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Testing Out the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

David Shapton of RedShark News takes out the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K for an initial test run. He writes, "Blackmagic has paid a lot of attention to the design of this (and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which it is physically very similar to). Whether you like the design or not, it is very neat and is thoughtfully laid out. So much so that I had skimmed through all the menus within about thirty seconds, and, having found the "Iris" and "Focus" buttons, was reasonable confident that it was going to work in the wild." Read the full story here.

02/18/14 01:02:32 PM

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How to Shoot a Day to Night Time-Lapse

The below video from Stefan Surmabojov provides a step-by-step tutorial for shooting and editing a day to night time-lapse. Watch below. (via FilmmakerIQ)

02/14/14 03:02:48 PM

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Sound and Fury: Inside the Installation of 'The Refusal of Time'

For his latest installation, The Refusal of Time, artist William Kentridge fuses sculpture with digital video and multilayered soundscapes. The viewer stands within the artwork, surrounded by five video screens covering three walls, as well as a sculpture of a man holding a big megaphone, and a giant, wooden, audibly breathing elephant in the middle of the room. On the screens, separate but interwoven program material is accompanied by a multichannel music and sound score. The soundtrack includes music composed by Philip Miller, as well as spoken word, including Kentridge’s own voice projected from the megaphone, and, of course, the elephant’s breathing.

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The Best of Projection Mapping

Creative Bloq gathers together 10 of the best and most creative examples of projection mapping from the past few years. They write, "A few years ago video projection mapping was a fledgling artform, with a handful of noteworthy examples. Now, no building opening, product launch, award ceremony, or birthday party worth its salt would be seen without a head-turning projection." Read the full story here.

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See a Video from a GoPro That Survived a Massive Free-Fall

A GoPro camera has survived a free-fall from an airplane (and an attack from a pig) and lived to show the tale. The below video came from a camera that landed and was found in a pigpen. Read more here on The Verge.

02/12/14 05:02:14 PM

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In Support of Using Camera Movement

Cinematographer Cybel Martin writes a love letter to camera movement and delves into reasons why directors should use them (and why they may not be). She writes, "Of the film elements filed under cinematography, I believe camera movement is the strongest indicator of my director’s voice. Certainly lighting plays an important factor in storytelling, but it’s the nuances of the camera that, for me, give me a glimpse into the genius of a director: An Altman zoom. Spike dolly. Varda tracking. Tarkovsky slow pan. Spielberg combo push in / tilt up...If you are still in the stages of defining your aesthetic, I invite you to expand on how you evoke emotions from your audience via camera movement." Read the full story here on Indiewire.

04/18/14 10:04:12 AM

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The Art (and Equipment) of Conducting Video Interviews

Richard Harrington and Amy DeLouise team up to bring you the Lynda video tutorial "The Art of Video Interviews." The full 3-hour course goes over everything from logistics and research to equipment and post-production. Watch the "essential gear" section below and sign up to see the full course here.

02/12/14 01:02:02 PM

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Alex Buono on Parodying the Look of 'Her' for 'SNL' Sketch

Saturday Night Live cinematographer Alex Buono breaks down how he shot the Her parody trailer, Me, for the sketch show.

02/10/14 03:02:02 PM

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Watch 4K Sample Footage from the Pansonic GH4

Panasonic has released 4K sample footage from its upcoming GH4. The film was shot by Bryan Harvey, who says, "I chose the Yucatan, Mexico for this project because of its vibrant color palate - the intense turquoise blues of the Caribbean, juxtaposed with the whitest sand, and most vivid green jungle...and of course who could pass up the pink flamingos." If Harvey was indeed going for vibrancy, all we can say is: mission accomplished. Watch below and see more videos about the camera here on PetaPixel.

02/10/14 02:02:11 PM

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Panasonic Shows Off Wearable HX-A100 Capabilities in Winter Olympic Sports

Looking to encroach on GoPro's territory, Panasonic is showing off what its wearable HX-A100 camera can do by attaching it to 5 athletes in 5 different Winter Olympic disciplines: skeleton, mogul, curling, short track speed skating, and ice dancing. The HX-A100 retails for $300. Watch the videos below. (via Cinescopophilia)

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Panasonic GH4 Puts 4K Video Front and Center

Gizmodo delves into the specs of the upcoming Panasonic GH4, a mirrorless still camera capable of shooting 4K video. They write, "Accessible 4K video shooting is still in its infancy, but it was only a matter of time before it started showing up in consumer cameras. The Panasonic GH line's history of robust video capability makes it a natural fit for 4K, and the new Lumix GH4 squeezes as much as it can into a familiar frame." Read the full story here.

02/07/14 04:02:18 PM

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Panasonic's GH4 Seems to Be Able to 'Do It All'

Erik Naso gushes about the newly announced Panasonic GH4. He writes, "This camera is the first mirrorless stills hybrid that seems to be able to do it all. This one is amazing camera! 4K 10bit 4:2:2 out of the mini HDMI. Wow! You had me at 10bit! When you add the Panasonic LUMIX YAGH Interface Unit the GH4 turns into a uncompressed 4K camera with 3G SDI. This Pro Audio/Video Interface for LUMIX GH4 has the connections needed to turn the camera into a real high end 4K video broadcast camera with timecode out for a switcher and live multi camera switching. All this from a mirrorless camera." Read the full story here.

02/07/14 12:02:56 PM

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Get a Bird-Eye View of Mysterious Antarctica

Let's face it: most of us will probably never get to experience the strange, wondrous continent of Antarctica for ourselves. But here's a way to catch a glimpse of its otherworldly terrain without leaving the comforts of our own heated abodes. Enrico Sacchetti's "The Seventh Continent" was shot with a helicopter flying over the frozen land mass. As The Atlantic puts it, the video "helps make sense of what the land mass is like—how the big white thing at the bottom of the Earth holds peaks, valleys, and an entire invisible geography. There are whole mountains down there!" Watch below and read more here.

02/06/14 04:02:23 PM