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Apple Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Macintosh with Video Shot Entirely on iPhones

What better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple's landmark Macintosh computer than by showing just how far its own technology has come? Apple's tribute spot to its revolutionary desktop was shot entirely on iPhones over the course of one day. As they put it in the beginning of the video, "30 years ago we introduced Macintosh. It promised to put technology in the hands of the people." Watch below.

02/03/14 05:02:22 PM

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Short Surfing Film Showcases the Capabilities of the MoVI

Marcus O'Brien shot the below surfing video with a Canon 1DC and a MoVI M10, specifically demonstrating how the MoVI allows for super-stable footage even as its operator is walking amongst sea cliffs. Watch it and a behind-the-scenes video below.

02/03/14 04:02:04 PM

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From Macro to Fisheye: A Guide to Specialty Lenses

Zach Sutton of Tuts+ gives a quick quide to 6 specialty lenses: tilt shift, macro, ultra wide, fisheye, soft focus and specialized bokeh. He writes, "Often, lenses in the photography community are similar in design. Each brand has similar focal length ranges and speeds for their popular lenses (all major brands make a 24-70mm and 70-200mm for example). However, many lenses are also specialized, with features such as macro and tilt shift. Here is a breakdown of six of these lenses and their practical purposes." Read the full story here.  

02/03/14 03:02:13 PM

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Watch First-Person POV of Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump

Over a year after Felix Baumgartner's groundbreaking "space jump," Red Bull and GoPro have finally released the first-person POV footage that Felix took as he plummeted down from 127,000 feet above earth.

02/03/14 03:02:10 PM

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Short Film Creates Movement in Classic Paintings

Rina Stefano Tagliafeirro's short film "Beauty" animates classic paintings, almost creating cinegraphs out of them. The simple concept is executed with great care and makes for a mesmirizing series of moving images. Watch below. B E A U T Y - dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro from Rino Stefano Tagliafierro on Vimeo.

02/03/14 01:02:55 PM

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Canadian Star Party Yields Stunning Time-Lapse

Jack Fusco captured the below time-lapse during Canada's Jasper Dark Sky Festival in the Jasper Sky Preserve. Explains Yahoo News Canada, "The Jasper Dark Sky Preserve, in Jasper National Park, is currently the second-largest dark sky preserve in the world, topped only by Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta/southern Northwest Territories. These preserves are set up as regions with no light pollution at all, to keep the night sky as natural as possible." Watch below and read more here.

02/03/14 01:02:55 PM

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Short Filmmakers Talk Production with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Filmmakers Aske Lokken and Malte Lokken talk to RedShark News about production on their 15-minute short film, "Gold Digger," which was shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. They say of lighting the night scenes, "We lit the night scene with two tungsten lights outside the window, and used the frame of the window + some duct tape on the window to get the textured lighting inside. Then we softened it up with another tungsten on the inside, bouncing off the back wall. We had a few smaller tungsten lights that we moved around when we needed fill. But we pretty much had the same lighting setup for the entire scene downstairs...We knew that BMCC would need plenty of light, to get a proper exposure in the night scene, so we bought an extra powerful flashlight, to still get the feeling of darkness in a well lit room."

01/31/14 06:01:36 PM

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Philip Bloom on the Balance Between Art and Business

Speaking from Filmgate Interactive, Philip Bloom explained how he balances the art and commerce of filmmaking. He says, "I do a lot of my own projects which are my own ideas and I just go and do it. Corporate films leave me frustrated. Commercials leave me frustrated. Broadcast leave me frustrated. If you don't direct, shoot and edit it, it's never going to be the way you want it." Read more here on Indiewire.

01/31/14 03:01:40 PM

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Understanding Sensors and Lens Circles

AbelCine's Andy Shipsides explores how to calculate whether your lens will cover your sensor. He writes, "At AbelCine, one of the most common questions our techs get these days is about lens coverage with different cameras. It's no wonder that we get these inquiries, as there's an endless stream of new cameras coming out, all of which have different sensor sizes and specs. We frequently get questions like this: 'Does my 16mm lens cover the Blackmagic Cinema Camera sensor?' or 'Does my lens cover 6K on the RED DRAGON camera?' These are both great questions, which we can generally answer with a simple yes or no. But they bring up some really interesting points that all modern cinematographers need to understand when choosing a lens, camera and recording format. So this column is all about lenses, image circles, sensor sizes and resolutions."

01/31/14 12:01:09 PM

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Time-Lapses Reveal the Mesmerizing Flight Pattern of Birds

Dennis Hlynsky's time-lapses of birds in flight showcase flight patterns and a beautiful sense of natural design that can't be seen with the naked eye. Using a time-lapse and layering technique, Hlynsky edits together short videos that make the the birds' trajectories akin to skywriting. Watch a few below and read more here on Visual News.

01/30/14 03:01:58 PM

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Beautiful New Time-Lapse Showcases Starry and Stormy Skies

Behold a new time-lapse video from expert photographer Randy Halverson. "Huelux" was shot over the course of 7 months in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. Explains Halverson on his Vimeo page, "I came up with the title 'Huelux,' which comes from hue (a color property), and lux which is latin for light. Some of the Aurora and Milky Way were difficult to color correct, so I spent a lot of time with the hue settings, white balance, etc. during the month and a half edit. The low Aurora on the horizon were often yellow, while closer (higher in the sky) Aurora were green. If I adjusted the yellow Aurora on the horizon green, it threw the rest of the colors, such as grass, way off and made the whole image too blue."

01/29/14 12:01:52 PM

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A Review of the 'Versatile' JVC GY-HM650

RedShark News reviews the JVC GY-HM650, writing, "This is a hotly contested market segment with a number of similarly priced rivals. While the JVC lacks 50Mb/s recording it does offer on the barrel lens controls that are not available on much of the competition, and the dual recording option is an attractive and useful feature for its intended market. We should not forget that the 650 is aimed primarily at journalism, although it may also be an attractive option for some corporate and industrial video producers too, and this factors into my conclusions. The BBC has put in for a large order of 650s and so clearly feels that it offers something above the competition.

01/28/14 06:01:08 PM

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Choosing Between a Prime and Zoom Lens

Filmmaker Noam Kroll provides a primer on choosing the right lens for your shoot. He writes, "The choice between prime lenses and zoom lenses has been always been a difficult one for professional DPs and amateurs alike. While primes are traditionally more cinema-oriented than zooms, there are also some great cinema zooms out there, which can make choosing lenses as difficult for a pro shooting on PL glass, as it is for a first timer who is just looking to buy their first lens kit. Let's brush up on the pros of each lens type before getting into what purpose they each serve best." Read the full story here on Indiewire.

01/28/14 02:01:46 PM

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The Film Industry's Drone Revolution

Jason Ankeny of Entrepeneur profiles the work of Aerial Media Pros, who are making high-quality helicopter drones capable of capturing some spectacular shots. He writes, "Look, up in the sky! No, it's not a bird. Not a plane, either. It's a state-of-the-art digital video camera attached to a remote-controlled drone--and it could revolutionize filmmaking by capturing flyovers, 360-degree panoramas, chase scenes and other 'How did they do that?' action sequences at a fraction of traditional production costs." Read the full story here.

01/28/14 02:01:54 PM

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'From 1994' Stays in Motion with MoVI

Produced by Seattle-based Mindcastle, the short film “From 1994” was shot entirely using Freefly Systems’ MoVI camera stabilizer and an ARRI Alexa M camera. “I’ve shot with cranes and jibs and things like that. Once you set them up, you can only try shots you can reach from where the base is set,” says the film’s co-director, Casey Warren. “But with MoVI, the base can be anywhere.”

01/24/14 01:01:13 PM

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Lorde Video Completed with BMD Tools

Santa Monica post facility Prehistoric Digital graded the music video for Lorde’s new single, “Team,” on Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 10. Directed by Young Replicant, the video features two contrasting looks to demarcate the two-part narrative of the story. Kevin Cannon, colorist on “Team,” says he wanted the color grade to preserve the mystery for both scenarios and keep many of the details just visible through the haze.

01/24/14 01:01:24 PM

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CES 2014: What Was New for Filmmakers

Andy Shipsides of AbelCine reports on the gear and gadgets he saw at CES that he thought would have the most impact for filmmakers. He writes, "Last week I visited the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which features millions of electronic gadgets that would make any geek smile. I went with purpose though, touring the massive halls looking for new gear and technology that might have an impact on filmmakers. It was tough sifting through all the cellphone accessories and headphone booths, but I think I found some key trends in the mix." Read the full story here.

01/21/14 06:01:43 PM

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Director Olly Lambert on Filming Ordinary Lives in Combat Zones

Olly Lambert, the director of British television documentary Syria: Across the Lines, discusses what it's like to film in a combat zone. A young boy is consoled in 'Syria: Behind the Lines.' He says, "As a filmmaker, I am not remotely interested in war or conflict. War is usually very dull, and at best slightly comic, and then occasionally painful and tragic. What I am interested in is how ordinary people’s lives are affected by vast, external events."

01/21/14 05:01:14 PM

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See Winter Unfold in Yellowstone National Park

See winter unfold in glorious 4K in Henry Jun Wah Lee's "Fathom," shot in Yellowstone National Park. He explains, "'Fathom 4K' is a journey into Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Wyoming wilderness. It is a film about the stories told by nature through the natural world: clouds, stars, trees, rivers, geysers, mountains and more. In our everyday lives, it is difficult to observe these stories being told. To the casual eye, our world appears to be static and unchanging. But these stories are seldom told on the human scale. They are often told on the scale of cosmic or geologic time. Years, centuries, millennia and eons." The film was shot on a Canon 1-DC and 5D Mark III. Watch below.

01/21/14 05:01:21 PM

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DP Den Lennie Talks Sony HXR-NX3

Cinematographer Den Lennie recently took part in a Facebook chat about the Sony HXR-NX3 and Notes on Video has some of the highlights. Says Lennie about his favorite feature of the camera, "For me it's stunning image quality and great looking IAuto features combined with terrific ergonomics. This camcorder packs a big punch for the money." Read more here.      

01/21/14 04:01:32 PM