Short Animated Video Pays Homage to the Editor's Craft

This short animation from Inside the Edit pays homage to the work and craft of film and video editors. "We are storyteller and first audience..." the video starts.

Watch below. (via PetaPixel)


3D Printing, 3D Animation and Stop-Motion Combine for 'Bears on Stairs' Video

Creative agency's DBLG's "Bears on Stairs" combines 3D animation, 3D printing and stop-motion for an impressively smooth final video.

Writes PetaPixel's Gannon Burgett, "From watching the video, it looks to me like there are roughly 40 separate pieces of the bear climbing the stairs. And although they seem to have markers on the screen to keep things consistent, keeping that many frames as stable and smooth as they did is downright astounding."

Watch below and read more here.

Heavenspot Animates Coachella Website with Adobe Edge Animate CC

To create the interactive animations of this year's Coachella festival website, digital agency Heavenspot relied on Adobe Edge Animate CC, along with Adobe Edge Inspect CC for rapid testing on multiple devices.

Says Tim Jamarillo, a lead developer at Heavenspot, "Most people still aren’t used to experiencing this depth of animation, especially in a mobile-friendly format. Adobe Edge Animate CC makes it easy for us to develop animations with impact that strengthen our client relationships and enable our clients to more fully engage and inspire their audiences.”

Read the full story here on Adobe's blog.


Simon Russell Experiments with Automated Animation in Short Video

Simon Russell's short film "Dysco" explores the concept of surveillance via a mix of automated and manual animation.

Russell tells Stash Magazine that the piece has "a tight link between the audio and visual elements – the intention was to evoke an experience similar to synesthesia, where sound, vision, color and light cross over and spill into other senses. Many of my early tests were automated animation driven by the audio. In the end the majority of the animation was done manually but there are still some automated sections...I think audio driven animation is an interesting area and something I’ll continue to explore, it’d be particularly good for making semi-automated music videos or even in live performances."

Watch it and a making-of below and read the full story here.

Short Animated Film Celebrates the Importance of Design

Director Johnny Kelly and designer Scott Burnett's short animated film "Shape" promotes the importance of design in everyday life without the use of language.

Says Kelly, "We thought quite a bit about who the film was for, and what they might get from it. For instance my wife is from a rural part of Ireland, and although she is now a very talented (if I may say so) interior and product designer, I think I speak for her when I say she didn’t really have an awareness of what design was when she was growing up – what it meant, that it could be a career. In a way the goal was to reach out to people like that, it would be lovely if a ten-year old watched this, and afterwards thought a bit more about the chair they were sitting in, or the pen they were using, or how hard their phone is to use."

Short Computer-Animated Film Explores the Wondrous World of an Atom

ATYP Studios animates the journey of a computer generated "atom" as it's hit with a variety of forces and environments in their short film "XxDr."

Explains ATYP co-founder Chris Angelkov to Creative Review, "The chain of events that unfold are one constant simulation that we are observing, primarily from a single camera locked in proximity to the ‘atoms.' The simulation happens from top to bottom in our 3D software as objects fall to the ground, so we rotated the camera head through 90 degrees to make the atom appear to be travelling sideways. Yes there are a few occasions where we break out from this locked position but for the majority we chose to record this from a surreal, and physically impossible, viewpoint."

Watch below and read the full story here.

'Rick and Morty' Premieres Episode on Instagram

Adult Swim's new series Rick and Morty has premiered its latest episode, airing on TV tonight, on its Instagram account. The 30-minute show is cut up into more than 100 clips of 15-seconds or less, and available to view here. It's the first time a cable network has used the social media network to premiere an episode.

Read more here on Animation World Network and watch the intro clip below.

Banksy Contributes Artwork to Syrian Conflict PSA

Banksy has lent his artwork and Idris Elba his voice for a new campaign that seeks to raise awareness about the civil war in Syria. On the third anniversary of the conflict, supporters are asked to post hopeful messages on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WithSyria.

Watch the video below and read more here on Fast Company's Co.Create.

Golden Wolf Animates New Dog Blood Music Video

Animation studio Golden Wolf has used a variety of techniques to create the frenetic music video for Dog Blood's "Chella Ride."

They explain, "We jumped at the chance of working with [Dog Blood] and set out on a journey to create our most elaborate and detailed animation to date, mixing multiple techniques such as 3D, 2D, cel animation and live action footage to create a hybrid style that feels unique to the project. It was a rare chance to get the entire studio involved as well as a chance to collaborate with our sister company ilovedust on the design."

Watch below. (via Motionographer)

'The Simpsons' Turn French in Sylvain Chomet Couch Gag

Animator Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville) puts his own spin on The Simpsons couch gag which sees everyone favorite Springfield family turn decidedly French. Homer's eating a tub of escargots, Bart is making his own påté and Marge is searching for Maggie en français.

The gag is part of a series of guest animations by the likes of Guillermo del Toro and Banksy.

Watch below.

The New York Times' Modern Love Gets Animated Web Series

The New York Times popular Modern Love column has recently taken to animating one of their posts on a monthly basis, using a different animator for each.

Explains Zena Barakat, the mastermind behind the series, "For years, the weekly Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times had an interpretative, clever illustration that ran alongside it. Brian Rea has illustrated it for a long time. Animation was the perfect next step in turning this great column into a video series...I decided that each month we’d have a different animator. I wanted the series to be unpredictable and a showcase of different artists. Just as the column has a different essayist week, I wanted a different visual voice interpreting a Modern Love story every month."

'Brazil' and Steampunk Influence Oscar-Winning Animated Short 'Mr. Hublot'

Laurent Witz's Oscar-winning animated short "Mr. Hublot" was inspired by both Terry Gilliam's Brazil and steampunk.

He tells Indiewire, "Brazil is definitely an inspiration. I love that movie. Another important inspiration was [Belgian artist] Stephane Halleux's mechanical sculptures and characters. I worked with him and I took his characters to make something possible in animation and to give more emotion to characters. And according to that, we have created the world of Mr. Hublot. The 3D version is warmer than the sculptures. It's poetic."

Alice Dunseath Hunts for David Hockney in Sweet Animated Short

Alice Dunseath turns a sweet anecdote into an animated short film called "Hunting for Hockney." The 3-minute video tells the story of Alice and a friend searching for artist David Hockney's house in the midst of grief and trying to plan a funeral.

Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

Virgin Atlantic's New Animated Safety Video Parodies a Variety of Film Genres

The latest in a crop of entertaining airline safety videos is an animation from Art & Graft for Virgin Atlantic. A dreaming passenger goes through a variety of film genres, from Western to Noir, and references the likes of 2001 and Yellow Submarine as the narration continues to disseminate the information in various accents.

The completed film took over six months to make. Says Mike Moloney, president of Art & Graft, to Stash Magazine, "We were keen to develop a stylistic approach that was equipped to stand the test of time by combining labor intensive (though ultimately rewarding) traditional character animation with more contemporary 3D techniques.”

Watch below.

Bill Plympton's Style Enlivens Con Edison Short

Animator Bill Plympton teamed with the Napoleon Group to create a stylized digital short for New York utility Con Edison. Titled “The Benefits of Converting from Oil to Gas,” the 1:16 film details the economic and environmental advantages of switching from heating oil to natural gas for Con Edison customers. The message is lightened by Plympton’s signature style, an instantly recognizable combination of constantly morphing characters and objects.

ManvsMachine Deconstructs Nike Shoes for Stylish Animated Spots

Design studio ManvMachine deconstructs Nike's Air Max shoe in a series of stylish animations.

Explains studio founder Mike Alderson, "The films are full CG, and the production process was handled in-house in our Shoreditch studio, from creating accurate 3D models of the shoes and wrapping them in photographed textures, to designing, building and animating sculptural elements and environments...once underway, this process took about three months."

See a few examples below and read the full story here.

HP Sundance House Hosts Dustin Grella and His Unique Chalkboard Animations

The Sundance Film Festival is a haven for independent artists, each showcasing their one-of-a-kind voice. Dustin Grella is one such artist, invited to the Sundance Film Festival by HP, a sponsor of the festival. Grella is best known for his Animation Hotline videos, which combine audio recordings with chalkboard animation to create interesting, human works of art. From the HP Sundance House, Grella animated hotline videos live throughout the course of the festival with help from video and audio tools in Adobe Creative Cloud.


Watch 'The Simpsons' Pay Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

In its latest episode, The Simpsons paid tribute to legendary anime animator Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle) with a fantastical scene that pays homage to some of Miyazaki's most recognizable work.

Miyazaki has announced his retirement after his latest film, The Wind Rises.

Watch below.

See 2013 in One Minute As Seen Through the Eyes of ADHD

Can you catch all the references in ADHD's "2013 in One Minute" video? This cheeky compilation, from Fox's late-night animation studio, might be one for repeated viewing.

Watch below. (via Fast Company's Co.Create)


Nike's New Animations Simulate Running on Different Terrain

Nike enlisted design studio FIELD to create 4 abstract animations for the launch of their new Hyperfeel shoes. The animations each work to emulate the feel of running on different terrain like on a beach, a street, a park, and the woods.

The four films were installed in select Nike stores across the world. Watch them below. (via PSFK)

Psyop Creates Beautifully Animated Spot for Toshiba Tablet

Psyop directors Kylie Matulick and Fletcher Moules wanted replay value when they created the colorful, animated spot for Toshiba's Encore tablet.

Says Moules, "We worked to define four key themes of the tablet to be characterized throughout the spot: film and music, productivity, gaming and connectivity. We wanted to articulate each function in a way that was fun and silly, yet informative and worked well with our overall design concept. There is a lot to see in this project and we needed to be sure to strike the balance between content and viewing speed. We hope audiences will find something new every time they watch it.”

Watch the spot below. (via Stash Magazine)

The Yule Log Gets an Animated Update

Animator Dan Savage has decided to gather together 65 of his colleagues to update a holiday classic: the Yule Log. Yule Log 2.0 presents 53 new very short films that reimagine the crackling fireplace in a myriad of ways.

Savage tells Cool Hunting, "I was sitting at my friend Boy Brandon's house looking for the original, but it wasn't on Netflix yet, and YouTube had all these low quality ones. So I thought, 'Wouldn't it be awesome to get a bunch of people to redo this?'"

Watch them all here and read more here.

Dan Harmon Talks New Animated Series 'Rick and Morty'

Community creator Dan Harmon talks to Adweek about his new animated series Rick and Morty, which in some ways is diametrically opposed to the vibe of his NBC sitcom.

He says, "Community starts with the idea that we are all people and part of some family, and usually the call to adventure is the insinuation that there’s a system or ideology that’s more important than people, and it causes chaos. And they eventually come to the conclusion that when they got out of bed that morning, they were as good as they were going to get. Rick and Morty is an inversion of that: Science rules supreme, marriages are on the rocks, and things get so chaotic that it does boil down to the petty, emotional issues of humanity. And the moral is that we’re all pretty insignificant."

Animation Makes a Splash in Modern Documentaries

Whether it's because of lack of archival footage or simply to make stats and data more visually appealing, the past ten years have seen a surge of graphical elements and animations in feature-length documentaries.

New Beatles Promo Mixes Archival Footage and Animation

Directors Lee Gingold and Giles Dill's promo for a new Beatles compilation album combines archival footage from 1963 with charming animations to capture the excitement surrounding the very beginnings of Beatlemania.

Watch below.

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