'Chicago Fire' Is Illuminated with Litepanels

Most of the fire seen in the NBC series Chicago Fire is real, only occasionally supplemented in post. To capture the intensity of the action in challenging lighting environments, cinematographer Lisa Wiegand relies on the color adjustment capabilities of Litepanels’ Bi-Color 1x1 and the durable MiniPlus.

St. Onge Opts for Litepanels on 'Shameless'

On the Showtime series Shameless, the biggest challenge is to “keep the lighting setup time down around 15 to 20 minutes,” according to gaffer David St. Onge. “We shoot with two cameras, and between them we cover 180 to 250 degrees of the set. That means all the lighting has to be attached to ceilings and walls to keep it out of the shot. Litepanels fixtures are key to our speed and creativity.

“The 1x1 Litepanels is quite useful on our sets. I can attach a plate to the wall or ceiling, slap a V-block battery to the light and I’m ready to go,” he adds. “The 1x1s are very versatile. Now, with the color mixing capabilities of the newer models, I don’t have to put gels on to correct color. Just turning a knob does it.”

Confined Spaces No Problem for Litepanels on 'Phantom'

A major portion of director Todd Robinson’s submarine thriller Phantom was filmed in the confines of an actual Russian submarine. “While Todd and I spent a considerable amount of time establishing the look and feel that we wanted to accomplish in Phantom, I have to credit gaffer Steve Lundgren with the innovative lighting approach,” says cinematographer Byron Werner. “He built a lot of custom lights, but Litepanels bricks were the best and only movie lights we could use in many parts of the sub.”

'Elements Club' Uses Litepanels to Shoot in Historical Museum Location

On January 24, 2013 a new entry into the popular romance genre premiered – a multi-platform production called The Elements Club. Producer/writer Kys Realm and cinematographer Emily Perez carefully planned the production of “Lord of Lingering Shadows,” the first of 11 episodes, knowing that it would set an entirely new look and feel for the historical romance. “Our camera choice for the series was the Canon 5D with Canon 16-35mm lens,” says Realm. “But our saving grace was a variety of Litepanels LED lights. We simply could not have shot this first episode without them.”

'Life Is Love' Illuminated with Litepanels

Marcela Villegas Castanon

A Review of Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit

DP Roderick A. Santiano reviews the Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit after using it on a variety of shoots. He writes, "The Sola ENG is a great little light, the Flight Kit is a great kit, but not perfectly suited for my particular needs but with some 'minor' changes...I think it could be a perfect news/documentary kit."

Read his full review, featuring detailed photos of his lighting set-ups, here on his blog.

Litepanels LEDs Add Versatility to 'Waiting for SuperMEN' Lighting

When New York-based cinematographer Quenell Jones was faced with a short shoot and tight locations for the upcoming short film "Waiting for SuperMEN," he immediately turned to Litepanels MicroPro as an on-camera light source for several crucial locations.

Litepanels Illuminate Iolani Palace

For the PBS special Na Mele: Na Lani Eha, PBS Hawaii recorded a number of musical performances that took place inside Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States. PBS senior production technician Glenn Yamamoto used three HD broadcast cameras, a jib, a dolly and a range of LED fixtures from Litepanels.

Mooradian Adds Litepanels LEDs to Multi-Camera Comedy 'Happily Divorced' Lighting Package

Multi-camera comedies are traditionally lit from beds or pipes above the set to facilitate actor and camera movements during often challenging shoots before a live audience. “I really treat Happily Divorced as much like a single-camera as I can, depending on set-ups,” says director of photography, George Mooradian, ASC. “Lighting starts with the basic hang on pipes, but much lower and three-quarter position. We have grid cloth on the fronts and streaming sunlight through the paneled windows.

Litepanels Expands LED Fresnel Line

A new line of Litepanels tungsten-balance Fresnel fixtures, the Inca Series, made its worldwide premiere at NAB.

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