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Phillip Phillips Gets Turned Into Living Art in New Music Video

Ethan Lader directs the new music video for Phillip Phillips' "Raging Fire," which partially features the singer/songwriter being incorporated into a painting of, what else, a raging fire.

Watch below.

Watch a Signing Big Blue Monster in Hudson and Troop Music Video

Darcy Prendergast and Andrew Goldsmith direct the music video for Hudson and Troop's "Frameless" with Prendergast pulling double duty as the video's big blue monster, signing his way through the song's lyrics.

Watch below.

Hudson and Troop - Frameless from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.


Watch a Nostalgic Take on Juvenile Delinquency in New Eels Music Video

Brian and Brad Palmer direct the nostalgia-ridden music video for Eels "Mistakes of My Youth," which follows a teen boy partaking in a misty-colored take on juvenile delinquency.

Watch below.

Michael Palmieri Channels Experimental Filmmaker Agnes Varda for Music Video

Artist Sharon van Etten and director Michael Palmieri bonded over the influences of experimental filmmaker Agnès Varda to create the music video for van Etten's "Taking Chances."

Says Palmieri, "When I first heard the song the lyrics immediately made me think about the opening sequence to the great Agnes Varda film Cleo from 5 to 7, one of my favorites."

Watch below and read the full story here on It's Nice That.

Watch Businessmen Gone Wild in New Queens of the Stone Age Music Video

Too much sake is too blame for a business dinner that turns into a night of debauchery and karaoke in the music video for Queens of the Stone Age's "Smooth Sailing." The video was directed by Hiro Murai.

Watch below.

Henry Scholfield Directs Upside Down Dance Party for Foxes Music Video

Henry Scholfield directs the music video for Foxes' "Holding Onto Heaven," which gets literally flipped on its head multiple times as it depicts a far out dance party.

Watch below.

Watch a Music Video Set in the Virtual Streets of 'Grand Theft Auto'

Johnny Agnew directs NO's latest music video almost entirely through the virtual streets of Grand Theft Auto's San Andreas. As can be expected, given its source material, the video contains a lot of virtual car crashes, explosions, and violence too.

Watch below. (via The Creators Project)

Linkin Park Releases Music Video as Xbox Video Game

Linkin Park has released an interactive, re-mixable music video for their new single "Guilty All the Same" through Xbox's creation game "Project Spark."

Explains Variety's Andrea Seikaly, "The highly customizable, interactive video’s basic premise is that guilt follows the main character through his or her run through the game space, though everything else is pretty much up to the users and can be catered to their preferences."

Read the full story here.

Music Video Creates Mechanical In-Camera GIFs

The music video for Pains of Being Pure at Heart's "Simple and Sure" brings the GIF trend full circle--by recreating their endless loops mechanically in-camera. It's a charming concept and an impressive feat to pull off for its actors, who sometimes repeat some pretty complicated movements. The video was made by collective BANGS.

Watch below. (via Fast Company's Co.Create)

Oliver Hadlee Pearch Directs New Jungle Music Video

Oliver Hadlee Pearch directs the deceptively simple music video for Jungle's "Busy Earnin'". A dance troupe in a gymnasium shows off their moves set to the catchy tune.

Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

Lena Dunham Directs Bleachers Music Video

Lena Dunham adds one more thing to her already impressive resume by directing the funny music video for The Bleachers' "I Wanna Get Better." The band is led by Dunham's boyfriend Jack Antonoff, who, in the video, plays a therapist who could use life counseling of his own.

Watch below.

Watch a Deliberately Throwback Polish Music Video

Supermodel Anja Rubik stars in the music video for Polish author-turned-pop star Mister D (a.k.a. Dorota Maslowska)'s "Chleb." The throwback lo-fi video is directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny.

Watch below. (via Dazed)

David Silis Directs Slyly Sexy Video for The Kooks

David Silis directs the music video for The Kooks' "Down," which keeps it sexy with a series of non sequitor imagery and striking lighting choices.

Watch below.

Watch a 'Breaking Bad'-Influenced Pixies Music Video

Mark Locke directs the music video for Pixies' "Snakes," which takes part of its inspiration from Breaking Bad.

Explains Locke to Promo News, "The influences are probably obvious! Buñuel, Jodorowsky, some Blue Velvet, also 70s cop shows and Breaking Bad. There's also a bit of Sapphire And Steel in there hopefully. Fingers crossed it's a video you can watch more than once, and get a bit more from."

Watch below and read more here.

Mirada Visits Ancient Egypt for Katy Perry Video

Directed by Mathew Cullen, the Egyptian-themed music video for Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” offers viewers an epic visual spectacle.

While much of the action in the video was captured in camera, the creative team at Mirada enhanced the aesthetics with 3D character assets and FX particle and fluid simulations. They also added visual enrichments to key moments within live-action sets and sprawling digital matte paintings. Led by creative director Izhak Roitman and visual effects supervisor Andrew Ashton, Mirada designed and delivered 127 visual effects shots for “Dark Horse” that included re-creating Egyptian pyramids and animating a talking sphinx.


Andrew Douglas' New Jake Bugg Music Video Shows Grit in a Beautiful, Slowed-Down Light

Director Andrew Douglas' music video for Jake Bugg's "Messed Up Kids" provides a black-and-white vignette of the modern British housing project. Says Douglas, "We wanted something gritty but ordinary so it would stand in for the Clifton Estate, where Jake is from, or indeed anywhere in the UK. Jake didn’t want to feature too much in this film, feeling that it would be disingenuous for him to still play a ‘messed up kid’ where he grew up. But he liked the idea of being the author or observer.”

Watch below and read more here on NOWNESS.

Jake Bugg: Messed Up Kids on

GoPro Array Attached to Drones Captures Unique 360-Degree Music Video

Ryan Staake directs the music video for Booka Shades "Crossing Borders," which used an array of 7 GoPro cameras attached to Octofilms' helicopter drones to capture its unique, trippy 360-degree imagery.

Says Staake in a behind-the-scenes video (found below), "I think we're looking for highly repetitive and unique locations, things with a lot of vertical shapes coming out. We're looking for textures and patterns and geometry and similarities between the built human landscape and the natural landscape."

Watch it and a making-of below. (via PetaPixel)


Lady Gaga's New Music Video Is as Silly, Infectious, and Attention-Grabbing As Expected

Lady Gaga directs the epic, 7-minute music video (11 minutes with credits) for her new single "G.U.Y." which manages to mix Greek mythology with Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, features Andy Cohen as God, and depicts one hell of a pool party.

Watch below.

Music Video Achieves Unique, Stilted Stop-Motion

Directors Santiago and Joe create an unusual stop-motion animated music video for Gabriel Garzon-Montano's "Everything Is Everything." They achieved the video's stilted imagery by uploading hours of live footage to an iPad and then scanning screenshots as the film played out. They then put the images back together again. It's almost like a high-tech way to harken back to the days of early, low frame rate filmmaking.

Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

Saman Kesh Analyzes Interactions at a 1960s Pool Party in New Placebo Music Video

Saman Kesh has just released the second in a trilogy of music videos for Placebo. This one, for track "Loud Like Love" analyzes an incident at a 1960s pool party and is once again narrated by Bret Easton Ellis.

Says Kesh, "The band and I always had the notion of a tryptic trilogy that dealt with social interactions across three times. 'Too Many Friends' was about the isolationist future we could possibly live in. In 'Loud Like Love' we show a time that was almost the exact opposite. In the late 60s, it was a time of sexual revolution and almost too much interaction."

Watch below and read more here on Promo News.

Franz Ferdinand Release Black-and-White Music Video

The new black-and-white music video for Franz Ferdinand's "Fresh Strawberries" plays around with tracking shots, depth of field, and the type of hidden cuts made famous in Hitchcock's faux one-take masterpiece, Rope.

Watch below.

Eliot Lee Hazel Directs 11 Music Videos for Beck's New Album

Taking a page from Beyoncé's book, Beck's new album Morning Phase has a cinematic music video for each track. In this case, all of the videos were directed by one man: Eliot Lee Hazel.

See a sampler of all the videos and tracks below. (via Promo News)

Lily Allen Plays Multiple Characters in Fun New Music Video

Lily Allen has just released the music video for new single "Our Time," which shows Allen playing multiple characters out for a night of London partying. The night gradually devolves into a messy, drunken, and funny walk of shame.

The track is off of her upcoming album Sheezus.

Ben Strebel Releases Music Videos as 5-Part Narrative Series

Director Ben Strebel is in the midst of releasing a 5-part music video series for new artist Javeon. The series uses Javeon's music and a recurring cast of characters to tell one story, centering around a woman named Katy (who plays a bride in the first video).

Golden Wolf Animates New Dog Blood Music Video

Animation studio Golden Wolf has used a variety of techniques to create the frenetic music video for Dog Blood's "Chella Ride."

They explain, "We jumped at the chance of working with [Dog Blood] and set out on a journey to create our most elaborate and detailed animation to date, mixing multiple techniques such as 3D, 2D, cel animation and live action footage to create a hybrid style that feels unique to the project. It was a rare chance to get the entire studio involved as well as a chance to collaborate with our sister company ilovedust on the design."

Watch below. (via Motionographer)

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