VH1's Social and Digital Success

VH1's aggressive pursuit of social engagement has been paying off in dividends.

Explains Lost Remote, "In 2013, VH1 enjoyed triple-digit year-over-year follower growth on Facebook and Twitter, becoming the third-most social non-cable sports network. The executives attributed part of their success to VH1’s willingness to experiment, take advantage of what’s trending, and employ a 24/7, 365 approach to social programming around shows. The network focuses not only on building buzz for upcoming episodes, but also on leveraging its digital assets – including and the VH1 app – to host exclusive content and keep fans of shows engaged throughout the rest of the week and the year."

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VH1's Social Strategy Drives TV Viewership

Forbes examines VH1's aggressive and highly successful social TV strategy, which has driven a ratings increase in its primetime line-up.

They write, "This year, VH1′s Monday night programming regularly ranked right after football and  prime-time viewership increased 36% from last year. The uptick wasn’t a coincidence. VH1 has been carefully watching viewer trends and is now responding with an integrated social and mobile strategy."

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VH1 Launches 'Three-In-One' App

VH1 introduced an interactive “three-in-one” app for iPhone/iPad that gives viewers access to a library of current episodes and full seasons of older shows. As well, the app offers VH1 Snack, “a bite-sized pop culture-infused connected content lab focused on new-form video content and new approaches to development and production.” As an bonus, VH1 made CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story available exclusively in the app following its televised premiere on October 21.


VH1 Launches New All-in-One Second Screen App

VH1 has just launched an all new app that combines on-demand video, second screen experiences, and exclusive short form content into one application.

Explains Lost Remote, "VH1 has launched a brand new app that brings together linear content, social features and second screen sync in a one-stop shop that communicates how the industry has evolved and grown on the second screen...VH1 is also launching a brand new type of content series called 'Snack' paving the way for a new kind of short-form, high quality format that other TV networks will surely want to explore."

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VH1's Digital SVP: Our Audience Is Hungering for Second Screen

In this interview with Beet.TV, Dan Sacher, SVP for Digital at VH1 talks about the social viewing habits of their demographic. He says, "Our audience, which is generally women 18-35, we've seen from various studies that they are the most social audience on the web...We know our audience is hungering for second screen, third screen content to share with friends."

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VH1's New Social Pop-Up Video

VH1's second season of the newly rebooted Pop-Up Video allows users to create their own Pop-Up Video via a web app. Says Dan Sacher, VH1's SVP of Digital, "This is a prime example of our storytelling without borders strategy which looks to engage fans before, during and after show…and even between seasons.

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