Canon's New Ad Celebrates Individual Perspectives Via Eyeballs

A new :60-second spot from Canon celebrates every human being's unique perspective by showing close-ups of eyeballs. As a sentimental narration plays, the eyeballs are reflected with various scenes depicting the vast scope of human experiences and ending with the tagline "No one sees it like you."

Watch below.

Nike Releases First World Cup 2014 Commercial

Though not an official sponsor of the World Cup (that would be Adidas), Nike has nevertheless released its first spot teasing the football tournament. The spot stars soccer stars Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. It was directed by Jonathan Glazer.

Watch below and read more here on Creative Review.

Framestore Films in Zero Gravity for Squash Commercial

After winning an Oscar for painstakingly recreating zero gravity digitally for Gravity, visual effects house Framestore got to film in zero gravity for real for a commercial for Robinsons Squash'd (a concentrated British drink that requires mixing with water).

Says Framestore's Mike McGee about the challenges of the shoot, "Things got out of control pretty quickly. Bits of our equipment floated away, cables floated up in front of the camera, cameras pointed in the wrong direction, water flew treacherously around electrics and the crew spun around feeling uncontrollably nauseous."

Watch below and read more here on Creative Bloq.

Wander Brands Coexist Campaign

Creative collective Wander produced, directed and designed a media package for Coexist Campaign that includes an animated short and two documentary commercials. For the docu spots, Wander traveled to India and Uganda, where they filmed examples of Coexist supporting increased understanding and reduced conflict in divided communities by helping people to work and learn together. The animated brand piece illustrates how donations and purchases fund the Coexist Campaign, and lay out the goals of Coexist as an organization.

The campaign was conceived and creative directed by Wander founder Aaron Weber. The animated video was led by Wander visual effects supervisor Eric Reinfeld.



Mystery and Fashion Mingle in Proenza Schouler Spot

Luke Gilford's “Outside In" stars model Kirsty Hume as a mysterious operative on a secret mission in the hills of Southern California to assume the identity of a target with impeccable taste, an architectural masterpiece of a home, and a closet full of fashion label Proenza Schouler.

“I wanted to create a narrative and character that push the fashion forward in a meaningful way,” says director Luke Gilford. “I focused on using specific color palettes, props, structural and sculptural elements which create a very aesthetic world, but all anchored within an actual story.”

Everyday Objects Float Weightlessly in New Silent Studio Handbag Promo

Flying objects in slow-motion find order in the handbags of Anya Hindmarch, thanks to a short promo made my Silent Studios.

As they put it, the film's goal was to portray, "a dazzling array of beautiful everyday objects seen to float aimlessly, as if caught in the depths of space, only to be brought to order by the appearance of accessories from Anya Hindmarch’s latest collection.”"

Watch below and see more behind-the-scenes photos here on It's Nice That.

AT&T Targets Millennials with 'Mobile Movement' Campaign

AT&T has partnered with Vice for a unique multi-platform ad campaign targeted at millennials. The campaign, called The Mobile Movement, features several components including a dedicated Tumblr and YouTube Channel, two documentary series, a scripted series, and traditional commercials.

New Samsung Ad Plays Up the Company's Many Screens

Samsung's latest 90-second ad, which premiered at Sunday's Oscars, plays up the company's variety of screens, from curved TVs, to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more.

Said Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer of Samsung America, "From our TVs, to smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices--Samsung is continually first to market with new technology that helps our consumers live better lives in today’s world. This campaign celebrates the incredible things that happen with Samsung products.”

Of course, Samsung also got prime product placement during the actual Oscar telecast when host Ellen DeGeneres took an epic selfie with her Samsung Galaxy 3 that broke retweet records and caused a lot of buzz.

A Gray Society Is Transformed in New Paint Commercial

A new 90-second commercial for British paint company Dulux takes its cues from Pleasantville by showing a drab, repressive, and gray society being transformed by contraband cans of paint. The spot was directed by Christian & Patrick.

Watch below. (via Creative Review)

New Google Ad Is Geared Toward Filmmakers

Google's :60-second ad that ran during the Oscars was, fittingly, geared toward filmmakers and storytellers, using a TED Talk from Academy Award winner Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Toy Story) as its narration.

California Tourism Takes Over YouTube Homepage with 24 Short Films

On February 28th, Visit California took over YouTube's homepage in the U.S., Australia, UK and Canada by releasing one short film every hour over a 24-hour period. The films are part of the tourism board's Dream 365 Project and each reflect a different aspect of Californian culture.

Visit California CEO and president Caroline Beteta told Fast Company's Co.Create, "Consumers are no longer only looking at official sources of travel information but they also want to be inspired and interested in what other people are saying. We felt to demonstrate the breadth and depth of California, in terms of endless experiences, how many destinations could pull off this much content? The beauty of it is, [with YouTube] it will have an extremely long shelf life, not just 30-seconds during a broadcast show."

Floria Sigismondi Plays with Light in New Perfume Commercial

If veteran music video director Floria Sigismondi is making a perfume commercial, you can bet it will be a little bit rock 'n roll. The spot for Thierry Mugler's Alien features a glowing model posing as a solar goddess in a Tuscan castle.

Watch it and a making-of, which shows both the lighting set up and the LED-infused dress that went into creating the unique look, below.

Don’t Fast Forward: Television Commercial Editor Delivers Stunning Spots Using Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow

Our friend Adam Pertofsky at Rock Paper Scissors has been busy these last few months. Since we last talked with him, he’s completed the third part of the Captain Morgan series of commercials and cut three additional spots, one of which aired during the Super Bowl. We took a few minutes to catch up with him on his recent projects and use of Adobe Creative Cloud.


Adobe: Tell us about the Super Bowl commercial you worked on.

Heartfelt and High-Concept Makes for a Memorable GE Commercial

If you've been watching NBC's primetime coverage of the Olympics, you've probably seen this striking GE commercial in which a little girl explains all the wondrous things her mom does at work. The spot, directed by Dante Ariola, features an impressive array of CGI along with a concept that tugs at the heartstrings (which is, of course, perfect for the Olympics).

Watch below.

Spots Aren't Enough As Super Bowl Goes Social

During the Super Bowl, texting, social media, and searching scored bigger among multitasking viewers than the Denver Broncos.

According to research by media buying agency MediaVest, of the viewers who watched the Seattle Seahawks dominate the Broncos, 41% used their smart phone while viewing, 31% used their personal computer or laptop, and 20% used their tablets.

That means that spending $4 million for Super Bowl commercials isn’t a sure bet for marketers, unless they have a solid multiplatform strategy, the agency said. On the other hand, new media platforms have created opportunities for brands that don’t have Super Bowl budgets.

Viewers were using social media during the Super Bowl. “For marketers, social media is of equal or greater importance than TV for many viewers,” MediaVest said.

One-Take Commercial Celebrates Iconic Imagery of Film, TV, Music and Art

No trickery, just good old-fashioned planning and choreography create the whimsical new spot for the UK's Sunday Times Culture. The one-take spot celebrates art (Rodin's The Thinker, Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam), music (Daft Punk), film (Forrest Gump, Reservoir Dogs) and TV (Mad Men) by recreating iconic images from each of the former.

Watch it and a making-of below.

New Intel Spot Features an Inspiring Mountain Climber and Message

Chris Hewitt directs Intel's uplifting commercial about climber Erik Weihenmayer, who is one of only 118 people in history to have reached the top of all 7 summits. However, Weihenmayer has one trait which sets him apart from the other 117 climbers (and makes the message of the spot resonate even more).

Watch it below to find out what it is.

ManvsMachine Deconstructs Nike Shoes for Stylish Animated Spots

Design studio ManvMachine deconstructs Nike's Air Max shoe in a series of stylish animations.

Explains studio founder Mike Alderson, "The films are full CG, and the production process was handled in-house in our Shoreditch studio, from creating accurate 3D models of the shoes and wrapping them in photographed textures, to designing, building and animating sculptural elements and environments...once underway, this process took about three months."

See a few examples below and read the full story here.

What Part Will Social Media Play in This Year's Super Bowl Ads?

Ryan Wofford, director of digital strategy at BFG Communications, talks to Media Life Magazine about what he predicts for social integrations during this year's Super Bowl commercials.

He says, "Social and digital tie-ins to the Super Bowl ads have been increasing over the years, and I believe this year will be the biggest yet. With all of the data around second- and third-screen viewing, brands are trying to capitalize on getting impressions and engagement any way they can. In addition to the standard call outs for brand Facebook and Twitter pages, this year we will see deeper integration, such as Shazam-enabled commercials to drive more engagement and a way to deliver additional info."

Read the full story here.

Viral Lessons Learned from Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches'

 iMediaConnection writes about three lessons one can learn, and utilize, from the viral success of Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches."

They write, "By now, almost everyone has heard of Dove's incredibly successful viral video, "Real Beauty Sketches." The popularity of this video is partly attributed to its amazing content, but according to Unilever VP of Global Media Innovation and Ventures Babs Rangaiah, there was some serious behind-the-scenes activity that took place to make this piece of content a viral sensation."

Read the full story here.

Jaguar Super Bowl Ad Celebrates British Villainy

Jaguar has released its 60-second Super Bowl commercial online ahead of Sunday's game. The clever spot, directed by Tom Hooper (The King's Speech), starts out with Ben Kingsley musing, "Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood movies all the villains are played by Brits?" He's soon joined by fellow Brit baddies Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong.

Watch below.

Apple Pays Tribute to the 30th Anniversary of the Mac

There's speculation that Apple will be paying homage to the 30th anniversary of the Ripley Scott-directed Super Bowl ad that launched its computers. For now, the tech company has launched a video and interactive history of the famed machinery itself.

Watch below and see the timeline here.

New BBC Olympics Spot Pits Winter as the Nemesis

The BBC's promo for the 2014 Winter Olympics personifies the cold itself via a voiceover delivered by Charles Dance, who should know something about winter from his role as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones. The spot was directed by Tomasz Bagiński.

Watch below.

New iPad Air Spot Uses Monologue from 'Dead Poets Society'

A new commercial for the iPad Air uses a monologue delivered by Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society which concludes with the question, "What will your verse be?"

Watch below.

Sony Celebrates Its History of Design and Technology in New Commercial

Sony encroaches on Apple's territory with a new spot that touts its history as a leader in both design and technology (and features a few celebrities).

Stacy Wall directs the "Be Moved" spot which features Spike Jonze and Quvenzhane Wallis among others and even pays homage to the once-ubiquitous Walkman. Watch below.

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