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How Jason Wishnow Made an Impromptu Short Film with Ai Weiei and Christopher Doyle

When Jason Wishnow, former film director for TED, left his job and went on a writing sabbatical to China, he had no intention of making a short film, let alone one that stared famed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and was shot by the legendary Christopher Doyle. The sci-film, called "The Sand Storm," was eventually filmed in two weeks and has already raised almost $63,000 of its finishing costs on Kickstarter.

"I have a bad habit of tackling obsessively overly ambitious short films that will potentially do nothing for my career trajectory," Wishnow notes to Fast Company's Co.Create.

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Lily Baldwin Makes Transition from Dance to Film With New Short

Dancer Lily Baldwin makes the leap to film with her stylish short film "Sleepover LA," which she wrote, directed, and stars in. She tells NOWNESS, "Transitioning from performance into film has made so much sense, as all film is choreography...The camera can create an intimacy that's not possible from the stage."

Watch below and read more here.

Sleepover LA on


Wes Anderson Releases Instructional Bakery Short as Companion to 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

Wes Anderson has released a companion short film to his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. The quirky 3-minute short, which comes complete with Anderson's signature sans serif font and pastel color palette, is actually an instructional baking video. Learn how to make the courtesan au chocolat that the film's M. Gustave (played by Ralph Fiennes) enjoys.

Watch below. (via SlashFilm)

Microscopic Surfaces Form Beautiful, Surreal Short Film

The most everyday of surfaces take on otherworldly qualities when shot with macro lenses as proven in Noah Shulman's "Confluence." Explains DP Timur Civan, "This film explores microscopic worlds, structures and meanings that exist beyond the naked eye. Confluence was shot using speciality macro lenses and microscopes shot in 4K resolution to bring a hyper-realistic image to life."

The film was created as part of the Mental Fabrications exhibit at Harvestworks. Read more and see the full film here on The Creators Project.



Bret Easton Ellis Pens Music Video for Dum Dum Girls

In lieu of a regular music video, Dum Dum Girls have released a short film as a companion to their single "Are You Okay?" penned by no less than American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis.

Directed by Brewer, the short is (unsurprisingly) a dark, psychological thriller starring Shiloh Fernandez. Watch below.

PBS to Release 26 Short Films Online

As a digital extension of its POV and Independent Lens series, PBS will be releasing 26 short films from emerging, independent filmmakers in the lead-up to its Online Film Festival.

From "Lucky Dip," one of the 26 short films being released online by PBS.

Explains VideoInk, "Commissioned by PBS, the short films focus on upbeat stories that appeal to young and socially-savvy viewers. Varying in length (anywhere from three to 20 minutes), the short films seek to highlight indie filmmaking talent across the country."

'Brazil' and Steampunk Influence Oscar-Winning Animated Short 'Mr. Hublot'

Laurent Witz's Oscar-winning animated short "Mr. Hublot" was inspired by both Terry Gilliam's Brazil and steampunk.

He tells Indiewire, "Brazil is definitely an inspiration. I love that movie. Another important inspiration was [Belgian artist] Stephane Halleux's mechanical sculptures and characters. I worked with him and I took his characters to make something possible in animation and to give more emotion to characters. And according to that, we have created the world of Mr. Hublot. The 3D version is warmer than the sculptures. It's poetic."

Alice Dunseath Hunts for David Hockney in Sweet Animated Short

Alice Dunseath turns a sweet anecdote into an animated short film called "Hunting for Hockney." The 3-minute video tells the story of Alice and a friend searching for artist David Hockney's house in the midst of grief and trying to plan a funeral.

Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

Matthu Placek on Capturing Artist Marina Abramovic in a Single-Take, 3D Film

Matthu Placek talks to The Credits about the technology behind his 3D, single-take, 7-minute film, "130919 • A Portrait of Marina Abramović."

He explains, "It’s very rewarding to see a deeply embedded visual come to life so accurately. To achieve this shot in 3D, a fifty-foot techno crane was required with a fully wireless 3D rig using two Scarlet cameras. My crew consisted of forty-five people with upwards of fifty lights to create the necessary depth and color balance essential to telling Marina’s story in three dimensions."

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So Yong Kim Directs Emotional Short Film as Part of Miu Miu Series

So Yong Kim directs "Spark and Light," a short narrative film that's part of Miu Miu's Women's Tales series. The short stars Riley Keough as a young woman who gets stranded on her way to visit her dying mother in the hospital. The langorous storyline then oscillates between dreams, memory and reality.

Watch below. (via Filmmaker Magazine)

Charting a Course for the Filmmaking Future

Blake Simon is a sophomore at Loyola Marymount University studying Film Production and he’s already making his mark on the filmmaking world. So far, he has written, directed, and edited 11 short films on his own, and ultimately plans to direct features. His short western, "Delarosa," won the Audience Choice Award for Best Student Short Film at the 2013 International Bel-Air Film Festival. Since switching from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro back in high school, he’s become a stalwart advocate of Adobe software, a Certified Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro, and self-prescribed Adobe evangelist.


Oliver Schofield on Creating the Cinematic Look of Short Film 'Patient 39'

Cinematographer Oliver Schofield talks to Definition Magazine about shooting Dan Clifton's World War II-era short film, "Patient 39."

He says, "There was a need to make it as simple as possible, allowing shots to be held and not cut into too much. It was also important that I created a look and feel that was cinematic without being too modern and distracting from this gentle tale set in a military hospital shortly after the D-day landings. From our discussions, it emerged that the most important quality for the film was to capture an internal sense of Patient 39’s fragmented consciousness and memory, and how, as he starts to recover, a relationship begins to form between him and Dr Moran. So we developed a number of ideas for internal, POV type shots that would give a heightened sense of his state of mind. At the same time there needed to be a transition in the brief space of the film to a more elegiac feel."

Disney Releases Short Stop-Motion Animated Film Exclusively on Google Play

Disney has opted to release its new 38-minute short film, "Blank: a Vinylmation Love Story," exclusively on Google Play.

Explains Margie Gilmore, VP of Disney Interactive's originals studio, "We always look for Disney IP that doesn’t yet have a narrative, and we wanted to build this mythological back story to the creation of vinlymation. Initially we were developing this story as an episodic, and as it came together, we all agreed the best way to view it [was] in one sitting.”

Read the full story here on Adweek.



Miranda July Releases Quirky Short

Miranda July has repurposed an unused scene from her 2011 film The Future to make a quirky short called "A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted." Need a way to unplug and get productive? Here's an out-of-the-box idea:

Rodrigo Prieto and Edoardo Ponti Discuss Using the Canon C500 for Short Film

In the below video, director Edoardo Ponti, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, and first AC Zoran Veselic discuss using the Canon C500 to shoot their short film "The Human Voice," starring Sophia Loren. The three talk about the configuration and accessories they used as well as using the camera both with a tripod and handheld.

Watch below.

Short Filmmakers Talk Production with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Filmmakers Aske Lokken and Malte Lokken talk to RedShark News about production on their 15-minute short film, "Gold Digger," which was shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

They say of lighting the night scenes, "We lit the night scene with two tungsten lights outside the window, and used the frame of the window + some duct tape on the window to get the textured lighting inside. Then we softened it up with another tungsten on the inside, bouncing off the back wall. We had a few smaller tungsten lights that we moved around when we needed fill. But we pretty much had the same lighting setup for the entire scene downstairs...We knew that BMCC would need plenty of light, to get a proper exposure in the night scene, so we bought an extra powerful flashlight, to still get the feeling of darkness in a well lit room."

Malaysian-Born Filmmaker Debuts Short Film at Sundance

Diffan Norman is not just a filmmaker, he’s a multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and designer. His nine minute short film "Kekasih," which won the Audience Choice Award at Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia, had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Norman credits his Adobe workflow with helping him realize his vision for the film.


'Dig' Explores What It's Like To Be a Kid

When you’re a kid, even the most mundane things can spark your curiosity. That’s the premise for "Dig," a short film directed by Sundance Film Festival veteran Toby Halbrooks. After successfully producing a string of feature films with his partners, Halbrooks decided to take his turn directing a short film based on a story he’d written. Shot in just three days, Dig was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and was one of 15 short films selected by YouTube to go online concurrently with the festival.


'From 1994' Stays in Motion with MoVI

Produced by Seattle-based Mindcastle, the short film “From 1994” was shot entirely using Freefly Systems’ MoVI camera stabilizer and an ARRI Alexa M camera. “I’ve shot with cranes and jibs and things like that. Once you set them up, you can only try shots you can reach from where the base is set,” says the film’s co-director, Casey Warren. “But with MoVI, the base can be anywhere.”

See Winter Unfold in Yellowstone National Park

See winter unfold in glorious 4K in Henry Jun Wah Lee's "Fathom," shot in Yellowstone National Park.

He explains, "'Fathom 4K' is a journey into Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Wyoming wilderness. It is a film about the stories told by nature through the natural world: clouds, stars, trees, rivers, geysers, mountains and more. In our everyday lives, it is difficult to observe these stories being told. To the casual eye, our world appears to be static and unchanging. But these stories are seldom told on the human scale. They are often told on the scale of cosmic or geologic time. Years, centuries, millennia and eons."

The film was shot on a Canon 1-DC and 5D Mark III. Watch below.

Sundance Stop-Motion Short Film 'Me + Her' Shot on Blackmagic Cameras

Joseph Oxford's labor-intensive, stop-motion short film "Me + Her" was shot with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera. The film took over 6 years to make and was created out of sculpted cardboard.

Writes Fstoppers, "The form factor for each camera was a huge advantage because they were filming in such confined spaces (think shooting from ten inches off the ground rather than the normal six feet). It doesn’t hurt that it shoots raw and the quality of the footage is outstanding."

Read more here.



Short Film Shot Entirely on MoVI

Directors Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger shot their entire short film "From 1994" using an ARRI Alexa M mounted on a MoVI 10 system.

Says Warren, "The MōVI is its own unique thing, sort of a floating crane that can go anywhere. I’ve shot with cranes and jibs and things like that, and once you set it up, you can only try shots you can reach from where the base is set. The difference with the MōVI is that the base can be anywhere, and you can start experimenting right away.”

Watch a Beautiful Short Film That Explores the Concept of Symmetry

Yann Pineill's short film "Symmetry" explores that very subject by presenting a 7-minute film in which the second half mirrors the first to, as the filmmaker puts it, explore "all sorts of symmetry: compositions, shapes, sounds and music, scenario, colors, actions, time…"

The dialogue-less film is beautifully art directed as well as artfully coordinated. Watch below. (via PSFK)

Creating a Visual World for Broken Bells' Album

indiewire talks to Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse, one half of the duo Broken Bells) and director Jacob Gentry about their two-part short film that incorporates tracks from Broken Bells' album After the Disco.

Explains Gentry, "It wasn't necessarily choreographed to the music – we weren't playing the music on the set and trying to hit certain beats. We basically wanted to make the movie and then score it with the album. Broken Bells is kind of like soundtrack music anyway, so I just tried to make the album accompany us as a soundtrack, but then when I was editing, I kind of went back the other direction and tried to figure out which pieces went with which movements the best."

Read the full story here.

Rodrigo Prieto Directs Powerful Short Film About Body Image

Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, who most recently shot Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, tries his hand at directing with the short film "Likeness" starring Elle Fanning.

The powerful and dialogue-free film was inspired by Prieto's daughter's bout with an eating disorder. The director tells The New York Times, "This was an important healing device for us, and hopefully a way to help other kids say, ‘I feel like that. I understand that,’...It’s about being in a society where we feel judged, and are judging ourselves.”

Watch below and read more here.

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