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Nikon D800, Canon 1DC and 5D Mark III, Sony a7R, iPhone and iPad Go Head-to-Head in Camera Comparison

In the below video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan compares footage from 6 cameras: the iPhone 5C, the iPad, the Nikon D800, the Sony a7R, the Canon 5D Mark III, and the Canon 1DC.

Can you tell which camera shot what? Watch below.

Comparing Canon's Cinema EOS Cameras

Pete Bauer of DV Info compares and contrasts the cameras in Canon's Cinema EOS line-up.

He writes, "Last autumn and winter I had the opportunity to shoot with both the Canon C100 and 300 cameras. Not surprisingly, I now want to join the ranks of Cinema EOS owners. So which model should I buy? It turned out that the decision wasn’t as straightforward as I’d initially thought it would be. Sort of like deciding on cake, pie, or ice cream for dessert – hey, I’d have ‘em all if I could. Yet, alas no, reality dictates that I pick just one for now. Should I get the 1D C to cover both still shots and up to 4K in-camera, or the very affordable and easy to use C100? Should I step up to the C300 so I can plug into multi-cam shoots, or really go for it with the C500 to get up to 120fps HD, not to mention 4k? It took some study and thought to sort through the details."

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Canon 1DC

The below short video from James Miller features a side-by-side comparison of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and the Canon 1DC. The Blackmagic footage is on the left of the frame while the Canon footage is on the right.

Both cameras were set to ISO 400. The BMPC4K was shot in film mode, while the 1DC was shot in Canon Log. They were color graded to match.

4k Blackmagic Production Camera - London, Side by Side 1DC from James Miller on Vimeo.


Shane Hurlbut Breaks Down the Cameras Used in 'Need for Speed' Trailer

Here's an educational movie trailer probably unlike any you've ever seen. Need for Speed DP Shane Hurlbut has broken down which cameras and lenses were used for each shot seen in the 30-second trailer found below.

Cameras used include the ARRI Alexa Plus, Canon C500, Canon 1DC, and GoPro HERO3.

Check it out below. (via Hurlbut Visuals)

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K vs. the Canon 1DC

Cinema5D has put the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K through its paces by comparing it to the Canon 1D.

They write, "The first thing that strikes you is the pricetag. $3000, for a 4K camera that shoots the Apple ProRes (HQ) codec. Wow. And yes, that is a wow, it can’t be neglected. The camera we compared it to costs $12,000 and that’s a whole different league indeed, but it’s our reference camera in 4K, producing beautiful results."

Read the review here.


Short Surfing Film Showcases the Capabilities of the MoVI

Marcus O'Brien shot the below surfing video with a Canon 1DC and a MoVI M10, specifically demonstrating how the MoVI allows for super-stable footage even as its operator is walking amongst sea cliffs.

Watch it and a behind-the-scenes video below.

Single Candle Tests with RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, Sony F65 and F55 and Canon 1DC

Cinematography Mailing List has posted images from the ultimate low-light test. Their single candle tests feature images captured by the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Sony F65 and F55 and the Canon 1DC.

See it here.

Canon 1DC vs. Canon 5D Mark III Raw has pitted the Canon 1D C against raw 1080p footage from the Canon 5D Mark III. They writes, "I feel the 5D Mark III in raw is both amazing and feature packed relative even to the professional $12k and $15k C-series offerings let alone other DSLRs. It is a dream for anamorphic shooters, offering very clean 2.5K anamorphic images with a 1280p vertical resolution...The 1D C is of course top dog for resolution but the image cannot be graded with the freedom of raw, even from Canon Log. Colour and gradation, especially when it comes to skin-tones are better on the 5D Mark III with raw. The cleanness of the full frame 1080p mode is also excellent on the 5D Mark III in raw, ahead of any other DSLR on the market and so close to the $15,000 Canon C300 that in the real world it makes no difference.

Who Should Buy a Canon 1DC?

RedShark News delves into the market for the Canon 1DC, writing, "The Canon 1DC is a curious camera. Based on a top-end DSLR design, with essentially only some additional firmware it becomes a 4K camcorder as well. But where does it fit into the increasingly complex matrix of options around high res, high dynamic range (i.e. RAW) devices that are available today at approximately affordable prices?


Review: Canon EOS-1D HD/4K DSLR

Adam Wilt of writes:  In the beginning there was the Canon 5D Mk II. It wasn’t the first HD-capable DSLR, but it was the first one good enough for serious work. Once Vincent Laforet’s “Reverie” went viral, there was no putting the large-sensor, low-light, super-shallow-depth-of-field genie back in the bottle—no matter how soft the images, how prevalent the aliasing, and how much bother it was (for the two years prior to firmware version 2.0.3) to deal with 30p images in a 24p world.


Side-by-Side Comparison of the Sony F55 and Canon 1DC

Watch a side-by-side comparison of footage from the Sony F55 and Canon 1DC courtesy of Cinema 5D. The 4K footage is shown in its log outputted format as well as color graded. (via RedShark News)

Philip Bloom Goes Behind the Scenes of Music Video Shot with the Canon 1DC

Philip Bloom shot the music video for Olly Knights' "Bitten by the Frost" with the Canon 1DC and describes the process in a behind-the-scenes blog post.

Says Bloom about the concept, "I wanted the video to show the mundanity of everyday life that the song plays on. My idea was that his life is so mundane that we are literally passengers in it, and we drift through days with little changing, until the whole thing just becomes an endless cycle. To show this, I wanted Olly to stay in the frame in the same position in every single shot. Only the background would change and I needed his performance to be quietly intense but without too much expression, as we are going for a mundane life type feel. I also needed real everyday things for him to drift through. Bed, breakfast, tube, work etc. But with a twist being that things go a little differently on one day…"

Some Tips for Pulling Viable Stills from Video

In this video from Slanted Lens, they go over the pros and cons of pulling still frames from video shot with the Canon 1DC as well as giving tips for settings that are ideal for both. Watch below.


Canon Gets Serious About Video with the 1DC

Filmmaker Nino Leitner shoots with and reviews the Canon 1DC, writing, "By releasing the 1DC, Canon has finally proven that they are indeed serious about putting proper video functions into their DSLR line. It’s their first serious attempt, so let’s not be too demanding. The Canon 1DC definitely is the most versatile and accessible professional 4K camera on the market right now."

Watch his test footage below and read more here on his blog.


Philip Bloom's Canon 1DC Test Film

Watch Philip Bloom's Canon 1DC test film, "4 Inches of Ice" below. Says Bloom about the experience of shooting with the camera, "Shooting was a breeze. It's a DSLR, it may have been shot in 4k but it operates the same way! Miller DS20 tripod. Lenses were Canon 16-35. 24-105, 70-20 F4, 100mm Macro (used for the interview for some utterly bizarre reason!) Audio was a Rode NTG2 into a Roland R26 and B-roll audio was the Rode Video Mic Pro.

"I had a lot of issues in post though. This was shot in 4K, downscaled in to full HD for editing (I do plan to remaster as a 4k version soon). In the edit I noticed a lot of problems, banding, magenta tinges on parts of the frame. Basically we worked it out and it was down to a number of things. The compression of the 4K, combined with the Canon log mode shooting below the native ISO of 400 which is a bad combination."

A Review of the Canon 1DC

Filmmaker and longtime Canon user Andrew Wonder reviews his experiences with the Canon 1DC. He writes, "I was pleasantly impressed with how easy the camera worked. It was no different than the 1DX and the 128GB CF cards I had worked splendidly. The experience was no different than my 1DX but with a sexy new feature set."

Read his in-depth review here. Watch a short doc he shot with it below.


Watch Test Footage from the Canon 1DC

Cinematographer Johnnie Behiri tests out Super 35mm at 1080p on the Canon 1DC in the video found below. Observes EOSHD, "It is a very good Super 35mm 1080p camera, but only 8 bit. It also lacks the built in ND and other handling niceties of the much cheaper C100. If you’re happy to use an external recorder there are better options for Super 35mm out there for less money."

Read their full take here.


Philip Bloom's Review of the Canon 1DC

Philip Bloom reviews the Canon 1DC in the in-depth video found below. He writes, "The price of the camera and the 24p limitation at 4K put me off the camera, despite this beautiful footage. So what is it that made me really want to check it out properly? Is it actually worth the dosh? What is the image like, and of course, is it any good? All of these questions and many more are answered in my video review."

Watch below and download his raw files here on his blog.

Offsetting the Cost of the Canon 1DC

EOSHD has some tips for justifying the $12K price tag of the new Canon 1DC, including being able to charge more for 4K footage and putting the camera itself on a layaway program. Read it here.


Raw Files from the Canon 1DC Available for Download

Cinematographer Marcus Skogstrom has shot some footage on the Canon 1DC and made it available for free download. He writes of the camera, "It has clean 1080 HD out via the HDMI port for use with external recorders, but the real draw here, and what would justify the $12,000 price tag, is the internal Motion Jpeg compressed 4K files."

Read more and download his raw files here.


Pulling Stills from the Canon 1DC's 4K Video

This short video released by Canon showcases the quality of pulling still frames from the 4K video of the Canon 1DC, explaining the pros and even some of the cons. Says photographer Dean Bentick, "The print quality that we're getting off a printer, it was essentially coming from a JPG quality and not having a raw image, that was a bit of a disadvantage. However, the blacks I thought held up quite well. But generally other than some quite light adjustments, we were getting some pretty amazing prints straight off the camera."

The 1DC was just released yesterday. Watch below.


Reflecting on the Canon 1DC

As 2012 comes to a close, cinematographer Abraham Joffe reflects on one of the year's big announcements, the Canon 1DC, and what it means for DSLR filmmakers and wedding vidoegraphers who are extrapolating still images from video. He writes, "Whilst I was super excited to see and edit the 1DC’s footage playing on a 4K display, what screamed out to me the most to test and analyze was the camera’s ability to capture images using the motion. The prospect proving a new photographic tool was terribly exciting."

Read his full post here.


Adorama Presents Canon Digital Cinema Event with Larry Thorpe, November 13, NY

Adorama, the leading supplier of pro video, photographic and consumer electronics products, is teaming up with Adorama Rental and Canon to co-host a special event around the Canon Cinema EOS cameras, including the brand new groundbreaking C500 series.

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