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IKA Collective Produces Powerful Launch Campaign for New FOX Thriller 'The Following'

For the launch of the new psychological drama The Following, which marks Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award-nominated actor Kevin Bacon’s primetime series debut, Fox Broadcasting Company again turned to the creative production/post studio hybrid IKA Collective to produce one of the multi-spot promo campaigns that led to the series’ highly-rated premiere. IKA had previously worked on successful series launch promo campaigns for several other FOX series, including New Girl, Raising Hope and The Mindy Project. They also produced the extravagant promo for last season’s So You Think You Can Dance premiere.

IKA Collective Promos 'American Chopper'

IKA Collective collaborated with the Discovery Channel on a spot for the new season of American Chopper. Directed by Chris Stifel, the promo centers on the rift between the show’s father and son, “Junior” and “Senior” Teutul, and the subsequent rebuilding of their relationship.

“Everyone wanted the new season to begin with an epic promo,” says Ian Karr, IKA’s founder. “We found an old airport hangar that perfectly captured the gritty look Stifel and cinematographer Pete Konczal were after.”

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