These Clouds Are Lined with Gold, Silver and Bronze

When NBC Sports committed to stream live coverage of every event from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, it took on an enormous task with two potentially big payoffs: first, attracting millions of viewers throughout the day as they turned to their computers, smartphones and media tablets for updates, and second, piquing their interest to build an even larger audience for the network’s primetime coverage.

XenData's New High-Capacity Cloud Storage Solution

XenData, a provider of digital archive solutions based in Walnut Creek, Calif., has unveiled its new cloud-based storage service that provides high-capacity storage in a highly secure private cloud. Among a number of applications, XenData Cloud serves as an ideal hosted disaster recovery solution for new and existing XenData customers that have volumes of digital media assets that range from 100 TB to multiple petabytes.

The new XenData Cloud not only reduces customer’s capital and operational costs, it also provides on-demand scalability at an affordable price – offering additional capacity costs as little as 0.5 cents per GB per month and requires no access fees.


Telestream Adds Cloud-Based Production Studio to Wirecast

A video production studio called, which allows users to leverage the cloud to create and distribute content has been tightly integrated as a drop-down destination within Telestream’s Wirecast live streaming production software. Telestream said that the integration lets users easily send streams to, which features interactive capabilities and a cloud-based production hub that allows teams to collaborate remotely in the production.

Adobe Addresses Misconceptions About Creative Cloud

In an essay on Studio Daily, Adobe director of video product management Bill Roberts addresses many of the concerns and misconceptions that exist surrounding Creative Cloud.

A Look at Some Cloud-Based Storage Options

Tom Coughlin of Forbes provides a thumbnail look at some of the cloud storage options available from big-name companies like Sony and Quantum.

He writes, "Video producers are looking for new tools that enable them to produce professional video in less time and for less money.  Technology is key to meeting this need and digital storage technology, as the repository of this content, is a major driver of next generation collaborative workflows.  In this piece we will look at some company offerings related to storing professional media where the content is stored in a datacenter, accessible through the Internet."

Read the full story here.


Why the Cloud Is the Next Industrial Revolution

Robert Jenkins of AllThingsD writes why he thinks the cloud has set things up for the next Industrial Revolution.

He writes, "When the world started to trade power from steam, coal and natural gas as commodities, entire industries skyrocketed to new levels of innovation. For instance, power-fueled advancements in transportation and heavy machinery revolutionized agriculture, infrastructure and medicine, along with countless other industries, forming what’s now known as the Industrial Revolution. Fast forward nearly two centuries and, today, the cloud possesses much the same transformative potential for the 21st century."

Read the full story here.


Adobe Working on iOS Lightroom App for Editing RAW Images on the Road


Jeff Blagdon of The Verge writes: Adobe is working on a mobile complement to Lightroom that will let you view and edit the RAW images on your computer from your mobile device. The app, which is still in the early stages of development, uses the lossy DNG Smart Previews new to Lightroom 5 to keep the footprint on your tablet to a minimum, and will use the same image processing model employed in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. The company’s group product manager Tom Hogarty showed an internal test application on a recent appearance ofThe Grid, an online photography show hosted by Scott Kelby.


Sony Launches Media Cloud Services Company to Transform Production Workflows

Lyndsey Schaefer of MESA writes: Sony Corporation of America today announced the launch of Sony Media Cloud Services, a new cloud-based collaboration and production service that will be previewed at next week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The scalable cloud platform, CiSM (pronounced see), will provide studios, broadcasters, independent producers, marketing teams and other creative individuals a “one-cloud” solution to collect, produce and archive high-value, high-definition content, allowing fast and secure collaboration on a global scale.


Starting a Post Production Business in the Cloud

Visual effects supervisor HaZ Dullul writes about starting his own cloud-based post production company. He writes, "With the main visual effects tools required for animation etc. being available on subscription base, and licensing driven via VPN server setup, the idea of setting up a production company creating visual effects content is possible with minimal overheads."

Read his full post here on RedShark News.


'A Birder’s Guide to Everything' Gets Aframe Dailies

During production on the independent film A Birder’s Guide to Everything, Aframe’s video management service typically ingested, stored, transcoded and delivered a full day’s high-res footage to a 20-person team in hours. Throughout the 21-day shoot, which took place just north of New York City, post house Sixteen19 processed and uploaded dailies to Aframe’s private cloud, where they would be securely stored and accessible to authorized team members. Within hours of shooting, a link to an H.264 proxy copy of the footage was e-mailed to 20 collaborators on the film. Using Aframe, the production team had an easy and efficient means for viewing each day’s raw footage. One co-producer was even able to view dailies on his iPad while working in Qatar.

Digital Distribution Pioneer Tiffany Shlain on Cloud Filmmaking and More

Filmmaker and Webby Award founder Tiffany Shlain talks about her experiences as a pionner of digital distribution and her new Cloud Filmmaking endeavor.

She says, "I think filmmakers need to devote as much creative energy on how their films get out to the world as actually producing the film...People say, 'I’m just a filmmaker.' But in this world, where there are so many different ways to engage people. And there’s so many free tools out there. It saddens me how few filmmakers actually experiment. There’s always new tools. The filmmaker really has to make a marketing plan from the beginning."

Read the full interview here on Filmmaking Stuff.

Kickstarter Project Transporter Is a Shared Storage Solution That Doesn't Rely on the Cloud

Kickstarter project Transporter is a new product touted as the "world's first social storage solution." With the device, you can store and transport files and data between devices without using the cloud. This makes for a totally private experience and one that doesn't rely on monthly fees.

So far the project has raised $60,000 of its $100,000 goal. See more about how it works below. (via Mashable)

Aframe Streamlines the Post Production Workflow For Blink Films’ Debut of 'Classic Car Rescue' TV Series

Aframe announced that its customer Blink Films, working with Clear Cut Pictures, achieved a dramatically streamlined post production workflow for the new TV show Classic Car Rescue – which debuted on Discovery World (Canada) – by using Aframe’s cloud video production platform to expedite a cross-Atlantic production.

Time-Space Continuum: Atomic Fiction’s Effects for the Futuristic 'Looper'

One of the fun films of this year is Looper, a sci-fi/time travel adventure by director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom). In the story, the character of Joe—a mob killer—is played by both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis—one as the present day version of Joe and the other as his future self. An ambitious film like this typically requires the work of numerous visual effects companies.

Time-Space Continuum: Atomic Fiction’s Effects for the Futuristic 'Looper'

Slide text: 
<p>One of the fun films of this year is Looper, a sci-fi/time travel adventure by director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom). In the story, the character of Joe&mdash;a mob killer&mdash;is played by both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis&mdash;one as the present day version of Joe and the other as his future self. An ambitious film like this typically requires the work of numerous visual effects companies. The task of setting up the futuristic environments fell to a relatively new northern California effects shop, Atomic Fiction.</p>

One of the fun films of this year is Looper, a sci-fi/time travel adventure by director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom). In the story, the character of Joe—a mob killer—is played by both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis—one as the present day version of Joe and the other as his future self. An ambitious film like this typically requires the work of numerous visual effects companies.

Cloud Formations: The Nature of Cloud-Based Storage and Networking

Today’s cloud networking and storage environments are a little like the Wild West. Innovators and entrepreneurs alike are aligning definition to technology, applying marketing for new perspectives and finding applications that can serve the masses, all the while attempting to understand what the cloud offers as a value proposition.


PixelFlow Introduces Video Collaboration for the iPhone

PixelFlow, a cloud services startup in San Mateo, CA, introduces their new video collaboration app for the iPhone - iPixelFlow. PixelFlow CEO Patrick Sculley states, "We love building collaborative tools and can't wait to see what types of interactivity this application enables. That's why we are giving it away for free to anyone with a PixelFlow account."

Tools for Cloud-Based Video Editing

Cloud-based software company Brainshark reports on their top 4 picks for cloud-based video editing. They write, "We looked into half a dozen cloud-based online editing tools, and also one video editing service. In general, these tools enable you to upload various video formats, edit and combine them with other video clips, and add music, titles and watermarks."

See their picks here.


Webinar: Editing in the Cloud, July 26

Ned Soltz will be presenting a free webinar on July 26th entitled "Editing in the Cloud" all about harnessing the power of the cloud for file sharing, delivering and editing. The live webinar is taking place from 10-11:30 AM PST and will also be available on-demand for free. Read more and register here.


Cloud Computing At NAB: The Media and Cloud Businesses Are Evolving to the Same Economic Model

ZDNet reports from NAB with the news that, unlike in the IT business, cloud storage seems to be steamrolling along in the media production industry. They write, "While the bulk of the enterprise IT market grumbles about the maturity and security of cloud computing services, it looks like the media & entertainment segment is just doing it.

Aframe Expands Its Cloud Video Production Platform to North America

London-based Aframe, the cloud video production platform, has announced that it has launched its acclaimed Aframe service into North America. Aframe has established operations in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles where it has deployed the company’s private cloud infrastructure to support its growing US client list, while also better serving global clients like the BBC and MTV.


Singular Software Takes Its Award-Winning Audio/Video Synchronization Technology to the Cloud

Singular Software, a developer of workflow automation applications for video production, is pleased to introduce CloudEyes, a cloud-based media synchronization technology that lets producers and contributors share and mine footage for remote video collaborations.

Does Cloud Video Editing Make Sense for Pro Video?

ScreenLight takes an in-depth look at the state of cloud-based video editing today and whether it makes sense for professionals now or in the future. They say, "Cloud video editing services aren't going to spell doom for Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro anytime soon.

Taking Production to the Cloud

NYC Production and Post News profiles Market7, a company determined to bring cloud-based collaboration tools to the film and video production industry. They explain, "This SaaS product supports collaboration among video producers, their clients and any other parties involved in the process with features developed for overall project management, conceptualization, pre-production (scripts and storyboards), as well as footage review and approval during post.


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