A Review of the CalDigit T3 Thunderbolt Drive

Cinematographer and editor Erik Naso reviews the CalDigit T3 Thunderbolt. As a 4K shooter, he writes, "I need the fastest storage I can afford to edit in real time."

He says of the hard drive, "I like the CalDigit T3 a lot. It’s nice to look at as well as screaming fast for demanding large files. Having the extra bay is a nice touch if you want both speed and one swappable disk you have that option. With Thunderbolt the bottleneck of pushing and reading files is over until the next storage media gets even faster."

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Thunderbolt Peripherals for Editors

Editor Jonny Elwyn rounds up some of his favorite Thunderbolt peripherals, from hard drives to expansion hubs and more.

He writes, "So I’m thinking of upgrading my trusty MacBook Pro later next year, but it only comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI port. So I’ve already begun looking into how to expand it’s usefulness through all these nifty Thunderbolt peripherals you can get these days. Here is an epic run down on some of the best available Thunderbolt devices."

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Thunderbolt's Security Issue

Phil Rhodes of RedShark News details a potential security problem that comes with Thunderbolt-equipped computers.

He writes, "With the recent announcement of the new Mac Pro, which lacks conventional PCI Express expansion slots, there has been more interest than ever in Thunderbolt, the current darling of the computer world – or at least the Apple Mac world. It’s not at all surprising that Thunderbolt is such a hot topic, given that it can carry over a gigabyte of data per second - which is something we’ve not seen before. There is, however, at least one small potential security problem which Thunderbolt-equipped computer users should be aware. I'm not aware of anything having exploited the issue yet, but that's probably the best time to become aware of a trap."

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A Review of LaCie's Thunderbolt Hard Drives

Neil Roberts of RedShark News reviews LaCie's Thunderbolt Series of hard drives, writing, "LaCie are probably best known for their designer drive housings, with designers such as Neil Poulton, Porsche design and Philippe Starck creating some weird and wonderful drive enclosures. The LaCie 'Rugged' drives have become a ubiquitous sight on location and in edit suites as a handy format for moving media around. LaCie were also one of the first manufacturers to release an external drive with Thunderbolt connections and they now have a whole family of Thunderbolt enabled drives, currently the widest range of any manufacturer. Lets take a look at the models that they have available."

Thunderbolt 2 Can Stream Raw 4K Video

Intel's next generation of Thunderbolt will allow for the transmission of raw 4K video.

Explains James Holloway of Gizmag, "The current Thunderbolt standard has two separate 10 Gb/s copper channels: one for data and one for video. But 10 Gb/s is insufficient for streaming 4K video. For Thunderbolt 2, Intel has combined the two into a single two-way channel cable of devoting necessary bandwidth to video, and using the rest for data."

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Thunderbolt vs. USB 3.0

Macworld has run a series of tests pitting USB 3 against the more expensive (and purportedly faster) Thunderbolt. They write, "We wanted to see if USB 3.0 lives up to its hype, and if Thunderbolt is in fact a faster alternative. So we ran a slew of tests using both spinning and solid-state drives that had a variety of interfaces and were plugged in both directly to a computer and through a USB 3.0 hub. To give the tests the best chance of success, we connected the USB 3.0 drives to a 2012 15-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a speedy internal SSD drive installed. We also tested USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 speeds for comparison. "

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Apple Releases Thunderbolt Firmware Update

Apple has released Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 which provides stability fixes for Thunderbolt and Target Disk Mode. Download it for free here.

Thunderbolt Storage Drives to Strike Later in 2013

James Galbraith of Macworld writes: Intel’s high speed Thunderbolt interconnect technology, found primarily on Apple’s side of the computing fence, enjoyed a big week at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas. As the push for higher-resolution video continues to grow, so do the file sizes, making the need for faster sustainable throughput ever greater.

20Gbps Thunderbolt Will Pave the Way for '4K Workflow'

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet writes: Intel has announced that it plans to release an updated Thunderbolt controller which will double the transfer rate to 20Gbps, giving it a clear advantage over the upcoming USB 3.0 standard.

Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic MultiDock

Blackmagic Design has announced Blackmagic MultiDock, a new rack-based hard disk chassis with Thunderbolt technology that allows up to 4 hard disks or solid state disks to be inserted and mounted on any Thunderbolt based Mac or Windows computer.

The Blackmagic MultiDock is a rack mount hard disk dock that allows independent disks to be inserted and mounted on the user’s computer. It also offers the option for multiple disks to be striped together to build an inexpensive Thunderbolt-based disk array.

Blackmagic MultiDock's key features are:

    - 4 disk docking slots with illuminated disk access indicators.
    - Rack mount design with built in 110V to 240V power supply. 1 RU size.

CalDigit Introduces T3 and Thunderbolt Station

Kosta Panagos from CalDigit introduces their new T3 three bay Thunderbolt drive and CalDigit Thunderbolt Station in this video taken by from the NAB floor. Watch below.

G-Technology Unveils New G-Dock EV and G-Drive Pro Featuring Thunderbolt

Shaun McGlaun of SlashGear writes: G-Technology has unveiled new storage solutions at NAB 2013. The first storage solution that the company has unveiled is called the G-Dock ev and it fits into the new Evolution Series family.

The storage solution is the only two-bay docking station with interchangeable and expandable storage modules that can be used as standalone external hard drives.

That feature makes it easy to transfer, edit, and distribute content in a digital workflow environment in a more efficient nature. In addition to the G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt, the Evolution Series also includes the G-Drive EV Plus external hard drive modules using USB 3.0. The removable and interchangeable storage modules are designed to be taken into the field and used as standalone external drives for the storage of raw content.

Intel Announces Next-Gen Thunderbolt: 20Gbps Throughput and 4K Support

Craig Lloyd of SlashGear writes: At NAB 2013, Intel just announced the next-generation of Thunderbolt, codenamed “Falcon Ridge,” which is Apple’s latest protocol for file transfer, as well as transmitting video. Intel says that the next-generation Thunderbolt protocol will be able to push 20Gbps and will support 4K video when it’s planned to launch in 2014.

Fast, Easy On-Location Playout at Oakley: Sonnet Thunderbolt Solutions Reduce Red Camera Transfers From Hours to Minutes

Oakley is synonymous with action, adventure and fun; our internal video production group maintains a busy schedule of on-location shoots at exotic and often remote sites around the world to produce all of Oakley’s brand marketing, sports marketing and product marketing video content, as well as in-store video content for our retail stores. Most recently, we’ve completed videography for a new web branding campaign that took us to many rugged location shoots, capturing athletes in their element in places such as South Africa, Dubai and Mallorca.

A Review of G-Technology's 8TB G-Raid with Thunderbolt tests out the Hitachi 8TB G-Raid Thunderbolt Array against the 2TB Firewire 800 and eSATA versions. They write, "We think this model has hit a real sweet spot on price, space and performance. The unit went out the day after it arrived onto a shoot where it was connected all day to a Retina MacBook Pro. We ingested C300 media into Final Cut Pro X (optimising as well) at the same time as making Camera Archives and the drive never even stuttered."

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Belkin's Thunderbolt Express Dock to Ship This Week

Belkin's $299 Thunderbolt Express Dock is now available for pre-order and expected to begin shipping this week. The dock has 8 ports -- a Thunderbolt port, a FireWire 800 port, an Ethernet port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm-out port and a 3.5mm-in port -- that can all be attached to one Thunderbolt port on the computer.

The Dock has been in the works for well over a year. (via Engadget)


A Review of the Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt Docking Station

RedShark News reviews the Matrox DS1 Thunderbolt docking station, writing, "I was going to say that being able to plug an HD monitor into the DS1 is the biggest advantage, but it's more than that. It's the fact that all of your devices go into a single box, the DS1, and that they don't need any configuration at all, that makes this a must-have device."

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Is 2013 the Year of Thunderbolt?

Has Thunderbolt's time finally come? With a decrease in price and an increase in Thunderbolt-ready devices, RedShark News thinks so. They write, "Early issues with Intel’s licensing and certification process that operated as a bit of a logjam seem to have been sorted and the company has been dropping broad hints that it will open up the process as 2013 progresses. More devices, cheaper cables and a technology whose time has well and truly come with the rise of 4k? 2013 could be the year that Thunderbolt finally strikes."

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LaCie Debuts Massive 20TB Thunderbolt RAID

LaCie has announced the 5big Thunderbolt Series, a massive and lightning-fast five-bay RAID solution. The LaCie 5big features capacity up to 20TB and speeds up to 785MB/s thanks to five 7200rpm/64MB cache hard disks preconfigured in RAID 0. With this excellent combination of capacity and performance, video professionals have all they need for post-production work including the ability to edit multiple 2K uncompressed 10-bit streams.

RAID Flexibility for Content Creation
With five disks, the LaCie 5big lets the user custom-make RAID configurations. Create a lightning-fast volume with three disks in RAID 0

A Peripheral in the Palm of Your Hand: Testing AJA’s Thunderbolt-Enabled T-Tap

Thunderbolt is the latest protocol for peripherals used by Apple on its computers to carry audio, video, data and power over a single cable. The protocol combines Apple’s DisplayPort technology and PCIe into a single connectivity path. The technology can be used to daisy-chain numerous devices, including storage, monitors and broadcast I/O hardware. Thunderbolt ports are currently available on Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac computers. Manufacturers such as AJA Video Systems, Blackmagic Design and Matrox have embraced Thunderbolt technology and have engineered a number of capture and output devices for it.

MLogic MLink Gives Your Mac Extra Storage and Networking Capabilities

The mLogic mLink is a Thunderbolt expansion chassis designed to give Macs extra storage, networking options, video capture and more. Explains Gizmodo, "The device connects to any Mac with a thunderbolt port, and allows you to install a half-length PCIe board—an ability missing from Mac Minis and Macbooks. That opens up a whole world of exotic features: RAID storage, high speed networking, video capture, or whatever else you can think of that needs a PCIe card."

The $400 model is available now with a $700 model, designed specifically to grab RAW video from RED cameras, coming soon. Read more here.

Thunderbolt vs. USB 3

Larry Jordan explains the difference between Thunderbolt and USB 3 and gives his recommendation on which one to invest in. He writes, "Thunderbolt and USB 3 are both protocols for transferring data from one place to another. The easiest way to imagine that these are 'pipes' that carry water. USB 3 is a big pipe. Thunderbolt is an even bigger pipe. The bigger the pipe, the more data it can transfer at one time."

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Webinar: AJA and Efficient Thunderbolt Workflows for Production and Post, November 27

Thunderbolt as a technology is finally entering workflows across production and post in a significant way and AJA is leading the charge.

AJA KONA Thunderbolt Drivers Offer Compatibility with Sonnet’s Thunderbolt Expansion Products

AJA Video Systems announced the compatibility of its KONA family of professional video solutions with Sonnet Technologies Inc.’s family of PCIe Thunderbolt expansion chassis.

Free Thunderbolt Webinar, July 26

Digital Video and TV Technology along with Western Digital and AJA will be presenting a free webinar this Thursday, July 26th at 2 PM EST entitled Thunderbolt: Changing the Future of Data Management On-Set.

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