Watch Three New Promos for FX's 'Fargo'

Ahead of its April 15th premiere, FX has released three promos from Fargo, its TV adaptation of the Coen Brothers movie of the same name, featuring snippets of scenes and dialogue.

As star Colin Hanks says in a behind-the-scenes featurette (also found below), "It's one of the most well-written things I've ever read. It's not like a normal TV show, it's not a sequel per se, it's all new characters, it's all new story. But the way that it intersects with the film just expands this incredibly rich universe."

Watch below. (via Indiewire)


Watch Three New Promos for FX's 'Fargo'

Ahead of its April 15th premiere, FX has released three promos from Fargo, its TV adaptation of the Coen Brothers movie of the same name, featuring snippets of scenes and dialogue.

As star Colin Hanks says in a behind-the-scenes featurette (also found below), "It's one of the most well-written things I've ever read. It's not like a normal TV show, it's not a sequel per se, it's all new characters, it's all new story. But the way that it intersects with the film just expands this incredibly rich universe."

Watch below. (via Indiewire)


New PBS Promo Turns Boxes Into Multi-Platform Experience

PBS' new "Boxes" promo showcases the ability to watch its programming on whatever device you want by turning a simple box into a television, laptop, tablet, phone and more. The spot was directed internally by Carol Paik.

Watch below.


The Essence of 'Fargo' Is Narrowed Down to 30-Second Vignettes

FX is promoting its new series Fargo with a series of short vignettes that depict the show's unique mix of the mundane, the off-kilter, and the criminal.

Watch below.


Loyalkaspar Creates Moody, Character-Driven Promos for 'Bates Motel'

Agency Loyalkaspar created the moody, character-driven promos for season 2 of Bates Motel. The concept was to go from outside of the characters to the "inside looking out."

As creative director Geoff Bailey puts it, "We believe there’s always a single image that should encapsulate the heart of a spot… That one image that, even if it’s an on-air spot, the rest of your narrative flows out from.”

Watch the spots below and read the full story here on Brief.

Platige Image Brings Glory and Gore to 'Vikings' Promo

The powerful new promo for season two of The History Channel's Vikings is a mix of live-action and CGI.

The studio responsible for creating it, Platige Image, also created the promo for the first season, which only featured a logo reveal. Director Tomek Baginski tells Animation World Network, "This time, we had to have a shoot with actors and the thing that absolutely swept me off my feet was mere logistics."

Watch below and read the full story here.

New Beatles Promo Mixes Archival Footage and Animation

Directors Lee Gingold and Giles Dill's promo for a new Beatles compilation album combines archival footage from 1963 with charming animations to capture the excitement surrounding the very beginnings of Beatlemania.

Watch below.

Behind-the-Scenes of the Promo Shoot for 'Scandal'

Neil Berkeley of BRKLY talks to Brief about how he created the paper-shredding promo for ABC's Scandal.

He says, "We actually built a paper shredder. We took a paper shredder and ripped it apart, and rebuilt it using mounts so we were able to take the camera and put it above and next to and underneath the paper as it was being shredded. If you look at a shredder, it’s not just scissors. It’s these wheels that grind against each other and shred the document, and it looks really dramatic, almost Medieval. We treated that shredding of the paper as a real dramatic transitional device. We shot it all high-speed, 120 frames-per-second, using a lot of slow-motion stuff. [ABC] loved that there was paper everywhere, little pieces of paper floating in the air, light popping through.”

Read the full story here.

Watch Bravo's Madonna Inspired 'Shahs of Sunset' Promo

The castmembers of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset channel Madonna in all her 1984 glory with their music video promo set to parody song "Like a Persian." Wearing white lace dresses, gold lion masks, and fingerless black gloves, the stars writhe around in a decadent mansion, living the tagline "understated is overrated."

Watch below.

Roger Delivers 'Devious Maids' Promo

Production studio Roger recently produced a live-action promo for the Lifetime series Devious Maids.

Although primarily live action, the promo’s climactic moment relies on an effects shot in which a guest spikes her lover’s champagne. Roger’s CG artists created a 3D close-up of a skull-etched poison pill dramatically effervescing into a glass.

Watch below.

Stun Creative Produces 'Summer by Bravo'

Stun Creative produced and shot the 2013 summer campaign for Bravo Media, a multiplatform effort that celebrates the network’s pop culture brand and its original programming. The “Summer by Bravo” promos feature cast members of various Bravo series who find themselves stranded on a deserted island.

Watch below.

Joseph Kahn Directs Promo for New Sports Channel Fox Sports 1

Music video director Joseph Kahn (Britney Spears' "Toxic) and DP Jeff Cronenweth (The Social Network) have teamed up to create a 90-second promo for new sports channel Fox Sports 1. The spot will premiere during the MLB All-Star Game on July 16th.

Says Fox Sports marketing chief Richard Gottlieb about the cameo-heavy spot, "An important part of our brand position is, hey, sports is ultimately about fun. There’s the fun of the buzzer beater, the fun of fourth-and-one in the snow. Sports is fun and we’re the guys that make it more fun than anyone else."

Read the full story here on Adweek.

Behind the Scenes of Vincent Laforet's Promo Shoot for 'Falling Skies'

Vincent Laforet breaks down his equipment list for the eerie promo he recently shot for TNT's Falling Skies.

Zoic Crafts Creatures for 'Falling Skies' Promo

Visual effects house Zoic Studios unleashed some of the creatures from TNT’s sci-fi series Falling Skies onto an unsuspecting model for the surprising teaser “Clear Gaze,” a promo for the show’s third season.

Although it appears at first to be a commercial for a contact lens brand, the woman featured in the spot soon begins to bleed from her eye as her body is invaded by a bug.

“The piece works because of the unexpected and photoreal integration of the bug,” explains director Loni Peristere. “No one likes anything in their eye!”

National Geographic Goes Back to the '80s with Colorful, Animated Promos

Illustrator Ana Benaroya provides the colorful characters for National Geographic's out-of-character promos for their latest minisieries The 80s: The Decade That Made Us.

Says Joe Burrascano, ECD for agency Nathan Love, to Digital Arts, "This is a completely different look for the network, and that’s exactly what National Geographic wanted. Because the series itself – which details the many unsung cultural revolutions ignited during that time – was such a departure from their traditional programming, the goal was to catch people by surprise, piquing their interest while connecting them to the light-hearted spirit of the 80s.”

Read more here.

Watch 'Arrested Development''s Tobias Funke Audition for James Cameron

Arrested Development's resident aspiring actor Tobias Funke auditions over greenscreen so that directors like James Cameron can simply cut out his performance and plop it wherever they choose (payment terms can be discussed at a later time).

Explains Advertising Age, "Turns out the site []  is part of Ignition Creative's latest effort to promote Arrested Development's tie-up with Netflix. The agency has seeded the site to various influencers and created a Reddit account for Funke (BLUMN). There, you can already find some curious Easter Eggs like this and this."

Click 3X Delivers Hijinks with Channing Tatum, Rebel Wilson in Promos for MTV Movie Awards

Postproduction house Click 3X delivered a four-spot campaign promoting this year’s MTV Movie Awards, continuing a long run of successful collaborations with the network. Postproduction master Mark Szumski, who acted as Click 3X creative director, senior VFX artist and colorist on the campaign, teamed up with Backyard director Kim Nguyen and MTV on-air producer Kris Walter to deliver edit, graphic effects, visual effects and color grading on these action spoofs starring 2013 VMA host Rebel Wilson and actor Channing Tatum.

IKA Collective Produces Powerful Launch Campaign for New FOX Thriller 'The Following'

For the launch of the new psychological drama The Following, which marks Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award-nominated actor Kevin Bacon’s primetime series debut, Fox Broadcasting Company again turned to the creative production/post studio hybrid IKA Collective to produce one of the multi-spot promo campaigns that led to the series’ highly-rated premiere. IKA had previously worked on successful series launch promo campaigns for several other FOX series, including New Girl, Raising Hope and The Mindy Project. They also produced the extravagant promo for last season’s So You Think You Can Dance premiere.

Impossible Makes Splash in Campaign for Animal Planet's 'Tanked'

To launch an all-new season of the hit Animal Planet series Tanked, Denver-based Impossible dove right in to produce a fun, high-concept campaign wrapped around the show’s quirky personalities, humor and inventiveness. The goal was to build anticipation for the biggest new Tanked season yet by exploiting the inherently comedic exchanges of stars Wayde King and Brett Raymer and giving viewers what they love most: ordinary objects-turned-extraordinary aquariums. All new episodes of Tanked begin on Friday, March 22 at 9:00 pm PT/ET on Animal Planet.

BIGSMACK Shoots 21 Spots in 2 Days for A&E's Biggest Runaway Hit 'Duck Dynasty'

The creative team at A&E called on long-time collaborators at entertainment agency BIGSMACK to help conceive, write and produce a hilarious Season 3 promotional campaign for their biggest runaway hit in the cable net’s history: Duck Dynasty. Under the creative leadership of Head Creative Andy Hann and Senior Creative Director Matt Hall, the BIGSMACK team collaborated with A&E’s in-house team to write, produce, and post for an extensive campaign, that is being rolled out now, as a daily countdown to the launch of the third season on February 27th at 10/9c.

BigStar Soars with Iconic Promo Teaser for HBO’s 'Game of Thrones'

HBO tapped creative strategy and production company BigStar to create the promotional teaser for the highly anticipated third season of Game of Thrones. The promo creatively captures the theme "Their World Returns to Ours," with the show’s iconic raven of Westeros ominously soaring through contemporary real-world environments. Season 3 premieres on March 31, 2013.

Having worked with HBO for several years doing a majority of the promo work for Game of Thrones, BigStar creative director Josh Norton says the latest promo introduces an exciting new approach to intriguing fans about the upcoming season.

IKA Collective Promos 'American Chopper'

IKA Collective collaborated with the Discovery Channel on a spot for the new season of American Chopper. Directed by Chris Stifel, the promo centers on the rift between the show’s father and son, “Junior” and “Senior” Teutul, and the subsequent rebuilding of their relationship.

“Everyone wanted the new season to begin with an epic promo,” says Ian Karr, IKA’s founder. “We found an old airport hangar that perfectly captured the gritty look Stifel and cinematographer Pete Konczal were after.”

NATL Shoots Complete Show Package for CMT’s New Saturday Night Reality Series 'Chainsaw Gang'

The leaders of creative production company National Television (NATL) are very proud to reveal their craftsmanship in creating a complete on-air promotional package for CMT’s new Saturday night reality TV series Chainsaw Gang. The show follows artist Stacy Poitras, his Deadwood Tree Sculptures business in Agoura Hills, Calif., his colleagues, his girlfriend and the surprising artistic creations they bring to life with their chainsaws.

2C Delivers Out-of-This-World Promo Campaign for the Weather Channel's Newest Original Series

To premiere its newest original series, Deadliest Space Weather, The Weather Channel tapped 2C Media to collaborate on a promo campaign literally out of this world. The goal was to build suspense and drive tune-in by transporting viewers right into the show’s unimaginable, astronomical and volatile world of space weather—all, of course, from the safety of their favorite TV watching locales.

Deadliest Space Weather, premiering January 10 at 9PM E/P, reveals extreme weather conditions that occur throughout our solar system, and explores the premise “What would happen if these harsh conditions could ever prevail on Earth?”.

Nat Geo Wild and 2C Media Serve Up 'Friendsgiving' in Fun Campaign for Holiday Programming Stunt

Nat Geo Wild and 2C Media have collaborated on a promotional campaign designed to help serve up “Friendsgiving.” Kicking off Friday, November 23 at 8 p.m.

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