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Data Visualization Shows Popular Opinion of When TV Shows Peaked

You've probably heard of a TV show peaking, but you likely have never seen it in action like this. Data visualization specialist Kevin Wu has taken ratings breakdowns by TV episodes off of IMDB and converted them into colorful graphs which show you the critical mass of popular shows, episode by episode. Enter the name of your favorite show here to see its graph. (via It's Nice That)

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Oliver Hadlee Pearch Directs New Jungle Music Video

Oliver Hadlee Pearch directs the deceptively simple music video for Jungle's "Busy Earnin'". A dance troupe in a gymnasium shows off their moves set to the catchy tune. Watch below. (via It's Nice That)

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Mike Judge on HBO's Hands-Off Approach for 'Silicon Valley'

Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge--the man behind such cult favorites Office Space, Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill--recently spoke at the Code/Media event about his new HBO series and why he has decided against working on a network TV show for a long time.

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Artist Martin Messier Turns Out-of-Date Projectors Into Musical Art

With his piece Projectors, artist Martin Messier turns an array of 8mm and digital projectors into an audio/visual experience. He explains of using the old-fashioned machinery, "These old objects constrain me, which is quite important when we live in a time with all these tools accessible to everyone. These objects give me the framework that I need; they become my instruments, my inspiration, and my conceptual guide. The whole idea is to give ordinary, everyday objects a second life so they become magical. Traditional tools (musical instruments, for example) are instruments leading you to a musical way of thinking, that take you somewhere else completely." Watch Projectors in action below and read more here on The Creators Project.

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Deru Releases Interactive Website as Companion to Concept Album '1979'

As a companion to his upcoming album 1979, Deru has released an interactive website that allows users to peruse the mysterious memories found in a box Deru bought from a flea market, as well as upload their own nostalgic ephemera.

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Framestore Films in Zero Gravity for Squash Commercial

After winning an Oscar for painstakingly recreating zero gravity digitally for Gravity, visual effects house Framestore got to film in zero gravity for real for a commercial for Robinsons Squash'd (a concentrated British drink that requires mixing with water). Says Framestore's Mike McGee about the challenges of the shoot, "Things got out of control pretty quickly. Bits of our equipment floated away, cables floated up in front of the camera, cameras pointed in the wrong direction, water flew treacherously around electrics and the crew spun around feeling uncontrollably nauseous." Watch below and read more here on Creative Bloq.

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Errol Morris Lets Donald Rumsfeld Speak For Himself in New Documentary

Venerable documentarian Errol Morris (The Fog of War, The Thin Blue Line) is known for films that shed light on his oftentimes elusive subject matter, or tirelessly investigate mishandled trials and convictions. His latest, The Unknown Known, is a different sort of portraiture.

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John Maloof Solves Mystery of Vivian Maier in New Documentary

John Maloof is a historian who became a guardian of street photographer Vivian Maier's work when he bought thousands of her negatives for a pittance from a storage locker back in 2007. Now, Maloof tells his story and--more importantly-- the elusive Maier's in a new documentary, Finding Vivian Maier. He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Because there were so many unknowns [about Maier] and there some many people that had unknowns, that really intrigued me. Why is this person doing all this work and not showing anybody? Why does nobody know about her past?” Read the full story here.    

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Artist Murat Sayginer Toys with the Zodiac in Latest Video Piece

You won't get bored watching Czech artist Murat Sayginer latest short video piece "Zodiac-Revolution" which is chock full of hyper-edited imagery evoking astrology, chess and more. Watch below. (via Stash Magazine)

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'Mistaken for Strangers' Tells Brotherly Rock 'n' Roll Story

Documentary Mistaken for Strangers is an unflinchingly intimate portrait of rock band The National as they embarked on their 2010 tour. The all-access look is thanks to director Tom Berninger's close and personal relationship with the band: the lead singer, Matt Berninger, is his brother. Tom tells Vulture, "I got the drummer naked in the movie, but I think at some point I think I filmed everyone at least in their underwear, where I’m like: Maybe as blackmail, I’ll keep that to myself...If the band wouldn't let me release the movie, I would have that footage, like, Well, I have you in your underwear, or even fully naked." Read the full story here.