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Behind-the-Scenes of the Covert Filming of 'Under the Skin'

In Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin, a disguised Scarlett Johansson went out into the streets of Glasgow to try and pick up real-life men who had no idea they were being filmed--thanks to a van rigged with hidden cameras. In the featurette below, get some insight into how the production crew pulled that off and what drew Johansson to making the unusual sci-fi film in the first place.

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Saman Kesh Analyzes Interactions at a 1960s Pool Party in New Placebo Music Video

Saman Kesh has just released the second in a trilogy of music videos for Placebo. This one, for track "Loud Like Love" analyzes an incident at a 1960s pool party and is once again narrated by Bret Easton Ellis. Says Kesh, "The band and I always had the notion of a tryptic trilogy that dealt with social interactions across three times. 'Too Many Friends' was about the isolationist future we could possibly live in. In 'Loud Like Love' we show a time that was almost the exact opposite. In the late 60s, it was a time of sexual revolution and almost too much interaction." Watch below and read more here on Promo News.

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The Future of Box Office Returns is a Multi-Platform Approach

In an in-depth three-part post, Liam Boluk of Ivey Business Review looks at the history of the filmmaking industry’s business practices and how they are fundamentally shifting. He finds that although it may appear like tentpole summer blockbusters are a losing industry (with only 4 of 2013’s 18 summer blockbusters grossing enough at the box office to cover production and marketing costs), box office returns are no longer studios’ end goals.

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Mystery and Fashion Mingle in Proenza Schouler Spot

Luke Gilford's “Outside In" stars model Kirsty Hume as a mysterious operative on a secret mission in the hills of Southern California to assume the identity of a target with impeccable taste, an architectural masterpiece of a home, and a closet full of fashion label Proenza Schouler. “I wanted to create a narrative and character that push the fashion forward in a meaningful way,” says director Luke Gilford. “I focused on using specific color palettes, props, structural and sculptural elements which create a very aesthetic world, but all anchored within an actual story.”

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Hito Steyerl Explores Wealth, War and Visibility in New London Exhibit

The Guardian's Adrian Searle writes up artist Hito Steyerl's five-part multimedia installation at London's ICA. He writes, "With Steyerl, you can't always tell fact from fabulation, where the jokes end and seriousness begins, what is truth and what is a lie. A pleasure in art can unhinge us in everyday life, where we are undone by falsehoods at every turn. At several points in Steyerl's show, I felt out of my depth, deluged by digital rain, swamped by information, caught in the undertow of conspiracy. She makes me want to go offline, become invisible, flow like water and drain away." Read the full story here.

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Franz Ferdinand Release Black-and-White Music Video

The new black-and-white music video for Franz Ferdinand's "Fresh Strawberries" plays around with tracking shots, depth of field, and the type of hidden cuts made famous in Hitchcock's faux one-take masterpiece, Rope. Watch below.

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Everyday Objects Float Weightlessly in New Silent Studio Handbag Promo

Flying objects in slow-motion find order in the handbags of Anya Hindmarch, thanks to a short promo made my Silent Studios. As they put it, the film's goal was to portray, "a dazzling array of beautiful everyday objects seen to float aimlessly, as if caught in the depths of space, only to be brought to order by the appearance of accessories from Anya Hindmarch’s latest collection.”" Watch below and see more behind-the-scenes photos here on It's Nice That.

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AT&T Targets Millennials with 'Mobile Movement' Campaign

AT&T has partnered with Vice for a unique multi-platform ad campaign targeted at millennials. The campaign, called The Mobile Movement, features several components including a dedicated Tumblr and YouTube Channel, two documentary series, a scripted series, and traditional commercials.

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Casey Reas' New Interactive Art Installation Explores Data Surveillance and Portraiture

Artist Casey Reas' newest piece--with the rather unwieldy name Even The Greatest Stars Discover Themselves In The Looking Glass, An Allegory of the Cave for Three People--is an interactive installation that requires three participants to make it work.

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'Veronica Mars' Creator's #1 Priority: Satisfying the Fans

When the credits rolled on this weekend’s Veronica Mars movie (which was the first major studio film to be released simultaneously in theaters and on VOD) there was a heartfelt shoutout to 91,585 very special fans: the ones who bankrolled the film with their unprecedented Kickstarter pledges.